• [WC3] Castle Fight release

    [WC3] Castle Fight
    is enhanced version of Castle Fight 1.14b from Warcraft 3. Below a list of features and differences between Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 versions:

    * Starcraft 2 version has a comprehensive stats/points and rank system. All data and stats are stored in bank files. Each player can access to all player's data inside a game.
    * Starcraft 2 version has an autobalance system based on stats/points. When game started with 4 vs 4 mode, it creates 2 teams with minimum deviation of ranking points. It does not matter how players are joined in lobby. It's always balancing inside a game. But you can also freeze yourself in team(checkbox during vote time).
    * Starcraft 2 version does not have a rounds. It was removed due to uselessness of this feature.
    * Starcraft 2 version has a regame feature. You don't need to leave a game and start a new one. You can do it inside a current game, when it's finished. Of course if you want to play versus other players you can leave current game.
    * Starcraft 2 version has improved income system. Increased base income and period of income reduced to 7 seconds. You can build only one Treasure Box, but it has infinite upgrades. Taxes are also little changed. All this changes were done to increase gameplay of map.
    * Starcraft 2 version has a new building Upgrade Center, which contains upgrades for units(damage, attack speed, armor, movement speed, hp regen), buildings, Castle(hp, hp regen, armor) and heroes. Upgrades were created for late game.
    * Starcraft 2 version has a new building Tavern with heroes. They have powerful attack and abilities. They can also be upgradable with Upgrade Center.
    * All buildings in Starcraft 2 version has a food requirement. It were done to limit a number of buildings for each player. Currently food limit is 90, if 4 players in team. It's dynamically changes based on number of players in team. So, if 2 players in team, it will be 180 for each player.
    * All buildings in Starcraft 2 version can be salvaged. None resources will be returned.
    * Cheese was removed from the game. Each player can build only one legendary building.
    * In Starcraft 2 Builder can attack enemy units. He can also buy items to increase damage and movement speed.
    * Artillery damage was reduced to 50-100 from original 300-400.
    * Added rewards and achievements.

    In summary, this map is a hybrid of Nexus Wars and Castle Fight in terms of mechanics. New Castle Fight have a dynamic gameplay, more features and competitive factor with stats/ranking system.

    Currently only 3 races are available(human, undead, orc). I plan to add new race each 3 days.

    Map is published on all starcraft 2 servers with name [WC3] Castle Fight.

    You can find additional information about map and development on official website http://sc2castle.com

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