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  1. An Economist's Guide to Galaxy Vampirism: Part 2

    J. Measuring the Feed Board

    1. Too many people turn a blind eye to the amount of feed being garnered by the vampire. They will still be using their refinery as a wall during the 10s, even if the...
  2. An Economist's Guide to Galaxy Vampirism: Part 1

    Sorry for the late posting...was supposed to publish this a year ago on the forums. Well, better late than never.

    An Economist's Guide to Galaxy Vampirism

    PLEASE NOTE: This will be a guide to...
  3. Thread: Hi everyone!

    by Shikidara

    Haven't seen this before...sounds good. It's...

    Haven't seen this before...sounds good. It's probably in its early developmental stages, so just give it a few. Should be fixed in a few days, knowing Korvin. :P
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    Defeat Scenario When People are Kicked

    Many people will probably agree with me on this: once a minion is kicked, that minion should get a "Defeat!" dialog box, instead of just the deletion of their minion avatar. This would make it...
  5. Wiping the Mini-Map and the Physical Map for Minions

    I, as well as many, experience this way too much in games: when someone becomes a minion, that minion reveals the positions of every human in the game, thus defeating the purpose of hiding in the...
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    The Removal of Leaving Buildings

    I know that this problem was half-addressed a year ago, when Korvin implemented the trigger pertaining to the ability for buildings to slowly disappear over the duration of 30 seconds, instead of...
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    Inability to Blink to Certain Areas

    As I have discovered since the advent of patch 2.0.4 on 2.0 and StarCraft II in general, the builder is only allowed to blink to certain areas of the map that he or she is normally able to get...
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