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Thread: History of the ProVZ vs PVZ50 War

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    [A few days before the battle, Armageddon meets with a mysterious figure in an alley within the city of Dissident]

    Armageddon-What did you want to meet about? Couldn’t this have been done with a simple email?

    Shrouded Figure-You know that it couldn’t! We need to accelerate our plans, we need you to take whatever amount of forces you can and strike at pvz50 by sieging probeopolis.

    Armageddon-Two things. One, how will I manage to do that. I can’t just take ProVZ army an attack them without some sort of approval by the King or at least Hand of the King. Two, why are you wearing a cloak? I know who you are.

    Shrouded Figure-We were able to take out a spy that ProVZ sent into PVZ50 territory. Here [Hands over documents] This is ‘evidence’ of the pvz50 killing their spy. Use this to get ThorDog to initiate a military blockade of the border. You will then initiate a direct assault on their city with this new amount of authority.
    Armageddon-If they find out I ordered the siege I will be branded a traitor.

    Shrouded Figure-We will make sure you will be taken care off. Create enough evidence that PVZ50 escalated the conflict before you attack. Once the battle is over the fighting will escalate. After that nobody will care what your role was in starting this.

    Armageddon-Alright. We do this your way. [Starts leaving]

    Shrouded Figure-Also I like the cloak makes me feel more like an evil overlord!

    Armageddon-You look like a scumbag.

    [A few days later, everything seemed to go according to plan. Thordog-Hand of the King and the council was convinced by the evidence to initiate a blockade surrounding border of probeopolis, just as was hoped Armageddon was made the leader of this mission. If any hostilities were raised, then Armageddon would be obliged to act with force]

    [Armageddon at the HQ of the blockade, suddenly receives a radio call]

    Outplay-Happy hunting fellas, Operation First Strike is a go.

    [Armageddon had given this task to Outplay beforehand, very few trusted individuals in his command knew what was about to come, only outplay heard the message from Outplay]

    Armageddon (on radio)-Initiate Cliché Conspiracy

    Response-Couldn’t you come up with a better name than that for this false flag?

    Armageddon (on radio)-Get on with it!

    [Suddenly gunfire is heard not far from the HQ]

    Soldiers-Enemies are attacking!!!

    [Armageddon knew what this meant, time to begin the siege. He walks out of his tent and tries to access situation]

    Armageddon-I need an update now! What is going on?
    Soldiers-Sir, it seems PVZ50 is attacking us!
    Armageddon-Korvin be damned!

    [Armageddon quickly goes forward to the front of the HQ to see what was going on, a huge group of PVZ50 dressed soldiers of close to 100-150 were charging them and shooting while screaming some nonsense]

    [Armageddon thought they were all morons, but knew that this was planned by his friends. Didn’t know what sorry suckers were fooled into doing this, but knew that they had to die nonetheless]

    Armageddon-Well, we won’t let them take this base. Return fire!

    [The soldiers begin returning fire, the forces charging had very little coordination and horrible aim they were quickly mowed down, only a few causalities on ProVZ side]

    Armageddon-We will not stand by this, if they want a fight. We will give them a fight. [Gets on open com to all of ProVZ forces in area]

    Armageddon-We were just attacked by PVZ50 forces, while we are able to handle this. We don’t know if they plan another assault, they clearly want a fight. I for one won’t sit by while they try to kamikaze forces at us. WE WILL ATTACK THEIR CITY AND FORCE THEM INTO SUBMISSION. ALL COMMANDERS BEGIN AN ASSAULT THIS MEANS WAR!

    [The forces surrounding west of the city, converge all on Armageddon as he plans out with his advisors to strike north part of the city, informing them he had an agent inside that will be able to take out their early warning systems. He also orders Saibot to take a smaller amount of forces to go south and converge with them as planned in the core of the city. Where things will get dicey]

    [Forces move out in a fast manner, within minutes Armageddon the in the back seat of a truck trying to direct forces notices the wall not even a few miles out of the city, its dark and all the vehicles and forces kept their lights off so they wouldn’t be spotted but he can see it easily. He orders Siege tanks to put into position. Then the canon fire begins.]

    [The wall surrounding the city is demolished pretty fast, as is the watch tower that was positioned there]

    [The opposition hadn’t totally expected them, but return fire still came within a minute of the first shot]

    [Armageddon knew they had to push fast as the canon fire was splashing all around them and he could see returning gun fire from the direction of the crumbled wall]

    Armageddon (yelling)-Sieges un siege and crawl forward slowly, everyone else cover their advance. Push into the city to prevent them from using their canons! If we are within the bounds they wouldn’t dare use the canons!

    [The push was the hardest part for Armageddon, many of his forces were getting decimated. He knew he would lost at least a quarter of his forces on this push but once they got in they had the advantage]

    [It was hard to watch for Armageddon as his units were being hit by canon fire around him, he continued on and kept repeating his orders to himself and his troops as part of surviving mantra that almost made him seem crazy]

    [While it felt like eternity, eventually they breached and entered the city, the canon fire stopped as Armageddon knew it would. Massive amounts of fire was going around from within makeshift defenses the opposition erected clearly just minutes ago. As the push went, so did the oppositions retreat, when the siege tanks got into the city]

    Armageddon-Siege up! We won’t let them pull us into a guerrilla fight. Make sure their nothing left standing for them to use as cover! We will destroy every section of this city if it means routing out the enemy!

    [The tanks sieged again as they started to fire in all directions, building crashing around them. Places that were homes to innocent civilians, out of his eye Armageddon could see some civilians who were likely hit in the initial attack, he winced and looked away not wanting to see it]

    [The buildings started crumbling, but Armageddon knew if he gave them too much time they would fall back and set up an organized defense, so he instructed two teams to push in areas sieges weren’t firing]

    Team Leader 1-Area secure, all forces dealt with here. Pushing more forward.

    Team Leader 2-Area unsecure, it seems all forces are reorganizing on this position. Pulling back for canon support!

    [More sieges pushed forward and realigned to help the push forward in the areas, team 1 trying to swing around and sweep them from behind]

    Armageddon-I am coming to assist.

    [Armageddon went forward to help his team route out the regrouped enemies when he got close he could hear their enemy commander]

    PVZ50 Commander- You think you will beat me? I survived much worse than this!!! [Continues firing in their direction]

    [Two of Armageddon soldiers including the team leader are shot by the bullets flying from the
    commander who seemed to be the only one left]

    Armageddon-Surrender now!

    Commander-Why should I?

    Team Leader 1-Because you are surrounded?

    Commander-Think that will stop me? [He turns around and starts firing on team 1, but Armageddon pulls out his revolver and shoots him several times in the back. The commander is hit and tries to return fire on team 1 but drops to his knees in pain]

    Armageddon-Take him back to the forward base of operations for questioning. Maybe we can get some information from him.

    Team Leader 1-You sure he isn’t dead? [The person lay now on the ground bleeding pretty badly but looked to be breathing from observation]

    Armageddon-Naah, that one still has some fight left in him. Don’t think he is dead yet. Got any ID on him?
    Team Leader 1-Holy shit, this is one of the top officers of PVZ50, Firebringer.

    Armageddon-Well isn’t this a fine day. Take him back as instructed when he wakes up I want him questioned. Everyone else keep moving south. I want this city under our control by sun up.
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    [POV Hycis, Returning where we left off with Marcus and Hycis running away from ProVZ on top off roofs]

    Hycis-How long can we continue along these roofs without getting shot?

    Marcus-We are plain out of view boy. We continue until we run out of roofs to go across.

    [Just as he says that they come across a street intersection separating them from another roof by a hundred meters]

    Hycis-Well I guess we get down now.

    Marcus-Thank you, captain obvious.

    Hycis-Whats our next move?

    Marcus-Well, since we don’t have to drop off anyone to the safe house. We push towards command.

    Hycis-Are we close enough yet to get any communication out?

    Marcus-I wouldn’t try that. We will open comms for communication to receive see if we can hear any news from PVZ50

    [turns on radio and sets it to just receive]

    PVZ50 Officer-We have lost the northern west parts of the city. Commander
    Firebringer has fallen in battle. We appear to be in siege from the south as well. IF ANYONE IS STILL OUT THERE. DON’T EXIT THE CITY. MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE CENTER! WE WILL HOLD HERE!

    [Marcus and Hycis look at each other worried about the current situation]

    Hycis-How well can we hold at center of the city?

    Marcus-Considering this city was built to withstand the storm of zealots. I believe for however long they plan to attack.

    Hycis-So how will they even get at this nuclear silo?

    Marcus-Well they don’t need to get far into the center. Nuclear silos are just within its perimeter.

    Hycis-That seems like a city design flaw!

    Marcus-Complaining won’t stop this invasion!

    Hycis-I am just saying, this city clearly wasn’t prepared for this.

    Marcus-This city was built more than a thousand years ago boy, and its survived much worse than what is happening now. We will make sure of that.

    [The two, step by step, get closer to Center, when Hycis and Marcus see the ground moving. Turrets popping up from the ground ahead of them]

    Marcus-We better duck!

    [Both of them duck as the turrets start firing at them]

    Hycis-What is going on?!?!?!?!?

    Marcus-The center of the city grids defense systems have been started, looks like command is either being attacked or prematurely activated them.

    Hycis-How do we get past them?

    Loudspeaker-Marcus is that you? [Turrets turn off]

    Marcus-Yes, this is Marcus.

    Loudpseaker-Well what you doing laying on floor like that, get in here!

    [Marcus and Hycis get up and continue forward]

    Loudspeaker-First door on your left.

    [They both walk over and open the door and enter, seeing a room full of soldiers in what used to be someones home]

    Officer-All hands on deck you guys see this man? This is no man, he is a legend!
    [The soldiers salute to Marcus in admiration and inspiration of him being there]

    Marcus-What is going on?

    Officer-Well let me bring you up to speed a bit. I am Captain Hyperion, well at least that’s my new rank after my superior officer got hit by one of the siege tanks blasts, and command put me in charge of these group of me.
    We were at the north when all hell broke loose. Lost a lot of men, Commander Firebringer told us to retreat and defend the center.

    Marcus-How far have they breached?

    Hyperion-They are basically have the whole outside perimeter, we didn’t activate those turret for nothing. We activated EMPs that were outside the perimeter so that’s going to delay them for a few days while we regather and focus a counter I believe. With those sieges and vehicles out of commission, they have no way of winning.

    Marcus-That’s not their objective is to take this city! They are going to nuke it!

    Hyperion-Huh? That doesn’t make any sense. You going senile old man?

    Marcus-No listen to me, I listened to them on their encrypted channel. They plan to use our nuclear silo to level this whole city.

    Hyperion-Even if that were true, that would be a suicide attempt by all of them involved, even if they got there.

    Hycis-If it is true though, everyone in the city is in danger.

    Hyperion-We already using the presidential tunnels to evacuate civilians safely out of the city in case all goes south. If what you say isn’t true, we waste our time on a wild goose chase and they get more time to focus back on us.

    Marcus-give me five soldiers, we will make sure they don’t take it. Surely you can spare five men!

    [Hyperion looks annoyed, he doesn’t seem to believe Marcus, but at the same time he thinks ProVZ might be crazy enough to do it]

    Hyperion-Alright, I can do that. MasterJoe, Armdrone, javelinpa, Google, and Natsu go with Marcus.

    Hycis-I assume you still need me?

    Marcus-Of course I do kid, you made it this far with me. Lets make sure they don’t destroy this city.

    [The soldiers pack up gear and start heading out. While they are inside the perimeter they hear gunfire not very far out]

    Hycis-No canon fire. Seems the EMPs worked on their vehicles.

    Marcus-We aren’t out of the woods yet.

    [They approach the Nuclear Silos which seemed to be abandoned]

    Google-That doesn’t seem right, a small guard was supposed to be here. I saw them just an hour ago when we patrolled this perimeter.

    Marcus-Stay sharp, prepare for enemy contacts inside. They may already have this facility.

    [They enter the building making sure that they are persistent in searching for a possible ambush and the guards]

    [One of the soldiers while moving out notices some water dripping above]

    Javelinpa-Theres a leak in here? I didn’t think this building had plumbing.

    Marcus-It doesn’t… [Marcus takes a look and notices its blood coming from the vents]

    Marcus-Armdrone open that vent.

    [Armdrone removes the vent gate above them, and takes a peek inside and nearly vomits, he wasn’t used to seeing something like this]

    Armdrone-Yeah, I think I know where the guards went….

    Marcus-Ugh, we don’t have time to deal with them, lets make sure those bombs haven’t been detonated.

    MasterJoe-Wouldn’t we know if a bomb went off? It would be in the sky right now.

    Hycis-They wouldn’t keep the bomb attached to the warhead and launch it in the sky. They would detach it and just keep it on level ground. It would be easy to destroy the bomb if it was launched.

    MasterJoe-But you would still have a fall out of radiation and even if it was detonated, parts of the city would be destroyed anyways. You leave it ground, if they plan on running away that gives us time to defuse it.

    Marcus-They aren’t planning to run away, this is a suicide attack by whoever is leading this attack.

    [The squad moves forward into the nuclear testing room which is where all the nuclear warheads are located, as Natsu is entering a shot is hear and contact is made at Natsu who falls to ground immediately]

    Marcus-Well we got company, stay away from the entrance!

    [They can hear a person in there talking]

    Outplay-Outplay to command, I got company. Where’s those reinforcements I asked for?

    [Marcus realizing that they must be under garrisoned in there, makes hand gestures to signal his men to try and go around and use another entrance to the room, while he and Hycis provide fire]

    Marcus-You won’t activate that bomb!

    Outplay-I doubt that, I think this battle is already over. [The roof starts opening and you hear the rockets of one of the warheads turn on, as it launches straight up into the sky]

    Marcus-OHH MY COAST!

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    POV: Outplay [An hour before launch of the nuke]

    [Outplay is moving in for his primary objective, having already breached the inner sanctum of probeopolis]

    [He takes out his flask and takes another drink, his flask was now empty]

    Outplay-I wonder if I will have time to refill this before this is all over? I am barely even feeling the buzz.

    [Outplay continued towards central command of PVZ50, in his Firebringer disguise]

    [While about to enter command a soldier on patrol passes him]

    Soldier-Sir, command has been temporarily moved to Presidential palace.

    Outplay (disguised)-Yeah, I know. Just grabbing something I forgot.

    Soldier-Alright [Turns around, and outplay quickly shoots him in the back]

    Outplay (disguised)-Why would they move to presidential palace? They fleeing?

    [Outplay heads to the palace which was extremely guarded, strategically command was just a building on the northern perimeter of the inner defense system. Easy enough to guard and maintain as long as they held that perimeter, but if it was lost the second the presidential palace would be the last spot for them to defend]

    [He tries to maintain his Firebringer persona while entering, just as he is turning a corner not even a room away from DasNoob and the other high officers he checks his Datapad which just got an update]

    [Previous Primary Objective: Assassinate DasNoob; Secondary Objective: Defend the Nuke]

    [New Primary Objective: Launch Nuke; Secondary Objective: Hold out for reinforcements for support]

    Outplay (disguised)-Nothing can go easy, can it?

    [Two soldiers walk by Outplay]

    Soldier 1-Sir? I thought you were taken at the northern front?

    Outplay (disguised)-Ohh please, you think ProVZ could take me that easily? Bunch of half-wits if you ask me, I managed to escape pretty easily.

    [Both soldiers look intrigued to hear how he escaped]

    Outplay (disguised)-I’d love to tell you how, but I got business elsewhere. You guys happen to know where I get some alcohol.

    Soldier 2-[Looks confused] For a wound or something?
    Outplay (disguised)-I could use a drink for what just happened to me.

    Soldier 1-[also confused] Ummm I guess the kitchen, but sir you are on duty. Theres a battle going on.

    Outplay (disguised)-No reason not to drink.

    [Both of them walk away]

    [Outplay starts walking to kitchen when he looks on power for his disguise and realizes he has less than five minutes]

    Outplay (disguised)-Not enough time. Damn, maybe the nuclear silo has something.

    [As the disguise wears off, Outplay has to be more careful walking around in the enemy’s most defended area of the city]
    [He can see all the people retreating to the area specifically the palace, he wonders if there is some huge bunker underneath the palace that civilians are retreating too. Unlikely, maybe some escape tunnel]

    [Because he is no longer in disguise Outplay has ditched most of his weapons, only hiding inside his clothes a blade in his boot, wanting to maintain a civilian persona]

    [As Outplay approached the nuclear silo he was confronted by military guard]

    Soldier-You are not permitted in this area, this isn’t a designated safe zone, you will want to go to presidential palace.

    Outplay-I am sorry, I am a tourist. I don’t know my way around this city. Can you help me out.

    Soldier (annoyed)-What you want to do is go back the way you came, theres a building three blocks in that direction… [Ouplay got just close enough that he took out his knife and through it right at the soldier, hitting him right in the throat as he starts gagging and unable to speak]GAHHFHAHD.

    Outplay-Thanks for the help. [Takes his weapons and drags his body out of plain view]

    [Outplay looks at his time realizing he can’t do this safe, quickly puts on his uniform, time to improvise. He starts firing in the air and enters the building]

    Outplay-We are under attack, retreat!

    [Some soldiers look confused but quickly start running while Outplay follows them]

    [He is quickly in the nuclear bomb room with a small squad of officers and a few scientists]

    Soldier-We need to get communication out, we will have to hold out in here.

    Outplay-Ahead of you on that [starts opening fire on all the soldiers and the scientists]

    Outplay-That was easier than I thought [Checks his communicator and sends the all clear for silo]

    Outplay-Guess I am on clean up now. [Starts moving the bodies, moving them into the vents, and anywhere else he think he can hide them without anyone finding. He starts thinking the vents aren’t a good place to hide a body]

    Outplay-Umm I guess it will work?

    [Sees his communicator just updated that reinforcements will come in thirty minutes]

    Outplay-Ehh I can hold this place for thirty minutes.
    [Looks at security cameras and sees small group of soldiers entering the building]

    Outplay-Never a dull moment.

    Marcus-Anyone here!?!?!?!?!

    [They start moving in, Outplay places himself ready for them when they enter]

    [Outplay sees someone is entering and immediately reacts by shooting the guy in the head with his Gauss Rifle]

    Marcus-Stay away from the entrance!

    Outplay-Outplay to command, I got company. Where’s those reinforcements I asked for?

    Saibot-We are 10 minutes out, without these vehicles it could be longer.

    [Outplay shakes his head, never help when you need them]

    Marcus-You won’t activate that bomb!

    Outplay-I doubt that, I think this battle is already over. [The roof starts opening and you hear the rockets of one of the warheads turn on, as it launches straight up into the sky]

    Marcus-OHH MY COAST!

    [Outplay thinks to himself, talk about improvising. Command is not going to like this….]

    [Outplay sees two soldiers firing in his direction, he thinks he initially saw a few more now expecting some kind of rear attack he tries to move to most secure part of room safe from all entrances]

    Outplay-Is it at all possible for a surrender?!? [Everyone stops firing]

    Marcus-You and I both know that it is way long past that.

    Outplay-Well do you happen to have any drinks on you?


    Outplay-Didn’t think so [Outplay throws a smoke grenade he hopes to use as cover]

    [Smokes starts filling room, Outplay feels the urge to run. He takes the moment as bullets start flying in the room, as their commander tells them to stop firing with Nuclear bombs around
    them, to exit the room, as he exits he is greeted by two soldiers]

    [Just as he sees them he pulls out gun and tries to fire on them but realizes he is out of ammo, quickly ditches it and pulls out knife to throw it, but with the smoke he barely knicks one of them]


    Javelinpa-He is trying to escape over here, east exit!

    [Outplay realizes he has to dispatch them fast and moves in to engage in some classic fisticuffs, but is shot a few times by Javelinpa before he even lands a punch, the shots miss any vital organs]

    [Quickly knocked back and hurt, Outplay decides to feign worse injuries than he has by getting on ground, believing when he moves in to check on him he will strike]

    Javelinpa-Contact down!

    [Another soldier quickly moves into the room that is still filled with smoke]

    Marcus-Make sure he is dead!

    [The soldier goes in to check, this is when Outplay lunges back up and at him, pulling out knife that was on Javellinpa person and driving it in his neck, the other soldier that was nicked by the knife tries to quickly respond but Outplay uses Javelinpa as a human shield for incoming bullets. Then uses the dead man’s gun to fire at the other soldier. Killing him within seconds]

    [Outplay starts moving out of the room as the smoke is finally beginning to dissipate as he is leaving he says name on the soldier he just killed saying “Armdrone”]

    [Outplay thinking it might be time to hide out and wait for back up decides before leaving to hide in the vents]

    [Realizing now, maybe he shouldn’t put dead bodies in there as he starts smelling the corpses, maybe this wasn’t one of his best ideas]


    [Welp, this mission just got harder he realizes looking at his clock. 8 minutes before help arrives and god knows how long till PVZ50 forces arrive knowing their facility just engaged a lockdown]

    Intercom: You are not going to escape this facility, you thought that 1 man could hold this facility by himself!?

    [Outplay thinks to himself: well of course not, that’s why help is arriving soon. Looks like I am stuck in here until help arrives. This is going to be an interesting fight]

    [As Outplay breathes in air, he gets nauseated and throws up]

    Outplay-I am going to need a hot shower after this…definitely not my most brilliant idea trying to hide bodies in here
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    [POV: Saibotx where we last left him he was heading for the center of Probeopolis, their military command and heaviest guarded section]

    Saibotx-Alright we keep heading forward. [He tells his men]

    [Saibotx gets on the radio to contact Armageddon]

    Saibotx-You guys ready to prepare the strike, we should have annexed the whole city within a hour? Our man on the inside should be ready within next few hours.

    Armaggedon-I am changing up the plans, we got a new pawn in our little game. DasNoob must survive for the moment.

    Saibotx-Alright, well we still need to start assaulting their defenses so they don’t suspect what we have in store for them. How many men can you spare for the little annoyance we are about to cause them?

    Armaggedon-I am sending one third of my forces to attack their defenses, in all likely hood none of them are going to survive. This however will distract them for your men to get in position. You know the rest of the plans of course.

    Saibotx-Of course, clear an exit way for the remaining forces and ensure package is delivered. I have handpicked a team to do this. [saibotx updates Outplays orders] I will see you when this over comrade.

    Armaggedon-Likewise. [Radio silences]

    Saibotx-Listen up [raises his voice to his nearby men] We are moving to the heard of PVZ50 territory, we aren’t here to destroy the PVZ50 defenses, we are here to distract, make sure they know we are here and try to drag them out! Sieges siege up in trapping positions for the baiting hellions. We need Omega team to have a clear way inside their territory without them seeing Omega. Their objective is critical to this battle. Once I give the signal we are to clear route out of the city and escape. We aren’t taking any prisoners, you see someone you shot them. Is that clear?

    Soldiers-Yes sir.

    [Soldiers start spreading out except for the few hand selected for Omega. A group of six soldiers that not only heavily trained but heavily trusted with the burden of this mission, their leader being Shadoh. His first deployment but the rest were also new to the field]

    Shadoh-Sir about our objective, you said we were rescuing an operative that was within PVZ50 territory, I am just wondering what sort of intel or anything that makes him worth all of this. [The poor boy knew so little of the mission]

    Saibotx-Its not what he can do, its what he has. He has a package that needs to be sent. You are to ensure the package survives. If possible make sure our operative gets back to us alive.

    Shadoh-This sounds like a suicide a mission, sir. [Shadoh can’t hide the anxiety he has over this mission]

    Saibotx-It’s a tough mission, but that’s why we are out here making sure your job is easier. If we didn’t you can be sure you won’t survive.

    Shadoh-That’s not exactly reassuring. . . .

    Saibotx-Stick to the plan and be prepared to evacuate on my orders. Things are going to get messy if you keep questioning orders.

    Shadoh-Of course, sir!

    [Omega team starts moving away from the rest of group and heads to their waypoint]

    Saibotx-Those poor fools, they won’t make it out alive.

    [Saibotx sees the flare in the air signaling armaggedon is in position]

    Saibotx-Alright [sees all clear for silo, then forwards all clear for Omega to move into their inner defenses]

    Saibotx-You know the plan, harass and annoy. We aren’t here to do damage, but just keep them on their toes.

    [Saibotx get in his own vulture and starts pushing forward when all of the sudden. . . .it stops]

    Saibotx-What in the lord? [tries to get on his radio but its fried, he then hears shells going off and immediately gets out of his vulture and starts running away. The shells start dropping on the vehicles that were trying to do harassment]

    Saibotx-They set off an EMP!!!!

    [many of the soldiers are befuddled as bullets start flying their way and no vehicle support is being given, the hysteria among the men completely breaks their formation as some engages in a firefight with PVZ50 and many retreat back to a safer position]

    Saibotx-No retreat and no surrender, we will not let this EMP stop us. THEY WERE HIT BY IT TOO!

    [Many of his men didn’t hear him but they see him charging into the battle field that is almost suicidal, with just his side arm in his hand firing straight into the entrenched forces. Many of his own men think he is crazy but inspires them to answer in kind and they push forward with them]

    [Many of the men are getting killed but so are some PVZ50 and they are losing moral at this attack that isn’t ceasing, Saibotx gets shot in the chest a few times but keeps pressing forward]

    [The sounds of the battle are completely lost Saibotx now, he has been swept up in the moment, in his own mind. He is already dead. Nothing left but a clear mission to kill any enemies that are left, he knows he has been hit several times and might not survive from the wounds but he cares little for it. He approaches the entrenchment and fires several more shots hitting a few soldiers that he was near point blank range within. They were completely befuddled and confused on how this was happening, perhaps a few thought he was some sort of Demon spawn. It didn’t matter, the ranks of PVZ50 were lost and they had to retreat and what little remained of ProVZ took over]

    [The skirmish which had lasted a few minutes started to settle, and so did Saibotx who was now coming down from his adrenaline high, even he couldn’t believe what had just happened]

    Soldier-Sir, are you alright?

    Saibotx-[Confused] I think so. . . .[starts seeing his wounds] Although I am not sure I wanna do that again, anytime soon. [starts breathing heavily]

    Soldier-We got the comms working. Wait I am getting something [static then a noise appears over comms]

    Outplay-Outplay to command, I got company. Where’s those reinforcements I asked for?

    [Saibotx checks his time to see where they are at and when Omega started moving in]

    Saibot-We are 10 minutes out, without these vehicles it could be longer.

    [Saibotx then tries to contact Armaggeddon]

    Saibotx-Update? If you are alive that is.

    Armaggeddon-We are alive, that wen’t worse than expected. I have lost more than half my forces, we are being routed out of the city now. They flanked us and did a counter attack as soon as EMP went out. I hope the plan went well, I bought all time I could give. I suggest moving out if your team is in position.

    [Just then Saibotx sees something huge launched into the air, clearly the nuke]

    Saibotx-What in the hell? That wasn’t part of the plan!

    Armaggeddon-Sometimes drastic adjustments must be made, trust Outplay. He hasn’t failed us yet.

    Saibotx-Alright, we are heading out now. We can’t hold this if they are pushing you guys out, we lost to much. I am sounding retreat on everyone but Omega.

    [Saibotx Hangs up and then relays orders to his officers]

    Soldiers-Didn’t you say we would give Omega a heads up?

    Saibotx-Unfortunately things aren’t going as expected, they have to make sure objective is complete before withdrawal, I trust our operative to make sure they get out alive though.

    [Just then Saibotx feels the pain become too much, the wounds he has suffered were far too great, he starts become numb and lightheaded then everything starts becoming dark. One of his soldiers sees him starting to faint and tries catch him but he falls flat to the world and oblivious of his surroundings]
    Firebringer Aka Bringer of Fire.

    PvZ Staff Member
    Mafia Staff Member

    Top 10 Zealots in the world.
    Worst Probe in North America.

    Member of PVZ50

    Officer of PvZNA

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    wow pvz history is amazing how much information about pvz2

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