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Thread: Change Log for release 2.23, 2.24, 2.25 of PvZ2 (Rohimes Release 23, 24, 25)

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    Change Log for release 2.23, 2.24, 2.25 of PvZ2 (Rohimes Release 23, 24, 25)

    LINK TO MORE RECENT LOG: (not available yet)


    Bug Fixes:
    -> Fixed a (very rare) bug where sometimes zealot had access to shared resource from a player leaving late in previous game.
    (at least i think i did, its hard to test. If anyone sees this ever again, please report to

    PATCH 3.0 issues still outstanding:
    -> loading screen tips are not working.

    Gameplay Changes:
    New Game Variant! "Small Maps Only" Mode. This should be considered "experimental" and may be removed.
    This variant allows only 8 players in the lobby, and only makes use of the "small to medium" maps.
    The purpose of experimenting with this is to try to
    a) create opportunity of different play styles in small lobbies (on forced smaller maps - instead of wasted games with few players on huge maps).
    b) capture some of the 'feel' of the older game - strong turreting with bases (no room to run!).

    Hunter no longer has "Repair" capability.
    There are a collection of tips for zealots added. Use "-say z" to get random tip, or "-say z ##" where ## is 1-15 for specific.
    Changes on Probe Death:
    - Camera Shakes, Shared Vision is Lost (until an "i want to help ..." option is chosen), you throw up hands and say "oh my god, they've ..."
    - Dead probe immediately looses vision of the map, including minimap (until they choose Help Probe, or Help Zealot).

    Added LotV dependency (and fixed lots of minor issues related to doing that!!)
    - this change introduces lots of minor look and feel changes (Legacy of the Void style).
    Ping spamming is controlled. Advanced Ping is enabled (ALT+LeftClick).
    Ring 1 (free) is once again available from the Zealot Shop.
    Added -salv command for moderators (force salvage).
    Zealot/Hunter visibility of each others inventory is (temporarily) disabled while i do more work on observer mode.

    NOTE: Patch 3.0 items
    1) scanner targeting shows targeting ring on caster while cursor over button and
    2) zealot quick sell changes (cannot Shift-RightClick to sell)
    should be considered permanent - i cannot directly 'fix' these - Blizzard change).


    Bug Fixes:
    -> Localisation for all languages other than English - EN(US) (specifically: RUSSIAN and CHINESE are the available localisations).
    -> Cleaned up Zealot Shop inventory display.

    PATCH 3.0 issues still outstanding:
    -> Quick Sell of items (Ctrl-RightClick) is not working - this may be PERMANENT [:( - thanks Blizzard!
    -> loading screen tips are not working.
    -> targeting cursor (red indicator) shows up on caster (zealot) when the cursor is over the button.
    (It corrects to show at cusor location as soon as cursor moves off the button).

    Gameplay Changes:
    Add hotkey (W) for select of zealot shop (helps to make up for loss of Ctrl-RightClick).
    Hunter can not give inventory items to the Zealot. If hunter tries this, items fall to ground.
    ---->>> YES! That is right, no more TROLLING HUNTERS!



    Bug Fixes:
    Fixed all the incorrect displays of Allies (Hunter/Zealot) inventory by Zealot/Hunter (purple squares, etc).
    Relocated this inventory display to top left.
    SC2 PATCH 3.0 -> Fix issue with Selection of items on ground, and use of Miners.
    SC2 PATCH 3.0 -> Fix issue with Inventory (Zealot selling items).

    -> Localisation for all languages other than English - EN(US)
    -> Quick Sell of items (Ctrl-RightClick) is not working.
    -> Zealot shop displays an inventory (pointless).
    -> loading screen tips are not working.

    Gameplay Changes:
    Zealot unit kill bonus now only applies to Generators/Automines when damage is below than 32000
    Hunter changes:
    1) Hunters are not allowed on small maps,
    2) replacement hunter is possible if hunter leaves
    Zealot detector sight range increased from 9 to 10 to match Reveal Range.
    CLOAK skill moved back to skills menu, Patrol option returned.
    NOTE: skills now require first skill to be selected, then second skill to be selected.

    Corrected some tooltip help text.
    remove criteria on -unscale command.
    Additional Range indicator for Zealot Detector (Reveal Range 10 added)
    Final Turret show range WHEN SELECTED (Attack Range 6)
    Cleaned up Probe Spirit Skin selection menus.

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