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Thread: Ant Colonies

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    Ant Colonies

    I haven't been playing much PvZ2 lately, instead I played a new arcade game called Ant Colonies, I have been showing it to a handful of PvZ2 players and I think everyone liked it, so now I come here to show it to all the community :)

    You start with a larva somewhere on a wide open grass area with is surrounded by dirt (dirt blcoks movement, building and vision ), you have 4 abilities and 120 energy. The 1st one is "dig", which uses 20 energy points to instantly kill nearby dirt, you dig into the dirt in a straight line, after 2-3 piles of dirt the grass terrain will be covered by creep, there you get access to your other 3 abilities : morph into black ant queen, fire ant queen or wood ant queen, those are the 3 races ingame. Each race has zerglings and drones as basic attack and harvest units, but black ants can upgrade drone nests into farms, this will let the drone disappear, but the nest itself will produce 1 food every 3 seconds ( money ) while wood ants can upgrade drone nests into subterran trails, which will enable that probe to move through the earth unseen ( all buildings have detector, players can see dark particels moving, but lings or any other attacking unit cannot attack the drone ) fire ants cannot upgrade their drone nests into anything, instead they will gain food for killing stuff, 2 food for a drone kill, 3 for a zergling kill, 5 for a drone or ling nest ( I don't know how much they get for the other things, they get money for killing queens, special units and special units building too ) a drone will run on the open grass area and attack a neutral beast ( quilgor ) killing it, then harvest it's meat, it will return with 10 food to nearest drone nest.

    As mentioned above each race has a special unit, for the black ants it's the ultralisk, costing 200 food and 10 supply, it's doing 100% splash dmg over a wide area and has 1 attack range enabling it to stay behind allied lings, also it explodes on death killing all nearby piles of dirt. The ultralisk is good against zerglings and okay against buildings ( it will just do splash dmg on it and all the enemies around ) it's weak against hydralisks and probably not great against microed roaches either.

    For the wood ants the special unit is the roach, a very mobile medium ranged low health beast, having a very low supply cost of only 2 and a food price of 100. It has equal/nearly equal speed compared to speedlings, which allows the wood ant player to only take fights he wants to take. ( ultra and hydra are quite a bit slower than speedlings and will be surrounded and killed if they try to flee ).

    For the fire ant the special unit is obviously the hydralisk, costing 200 food and 10 supply, a high range high dmg unit which is great against buildings, ultras and queens, does ok against roaches and absolutely gets rekt by zerglings ( single target dmg just doesn't work out against massive amounts of lings )

    Each queen can research 3 dmg and armor upgrades and +25% speed for zerglings, speed is good, but it won't make your zerglings a lot better in direct fights, which means you might want to get 1 or 2 dmg upgrades first.

    Each queen can build a drone nest ( called forager nest, but I go by the sc2 names of units ) a zergling nest ( called soldier nest ) a broodling spawner ( defensive structure, spawns invulnerable broodlings which benefit from attack upgrades, can only target units on creep, can be equipped with a slow aura of 50% for 20 food, has to be equipped on each broodling spawner separately ) and the special unit nest ( special unit nests cost 200 for fire and black, only 100 for wood, build time is 1min for each, training special unit is 1 min for fire and black and about 18 seconds for wood ) upgrading drone nests as either wood or black costs 9+1^X where is the number of the nest ( first nest costs 10 food, price raises by 1 everytime you upgrade ).

    The queens also got abilities and 120 energy. First is again dig, black ant queen can power up auto attack to have +4 range and a lot more dmg, fire ant can cast a "psi storm" more or less, and wood ant can place walls up 4 tiles away from an own buillding, these walls will spread creep between near dirt or other walls, allowing wood ant to build towards middle of the map for faster food gain ( less travel time for drones ) these walls will not be destroyed by a nearby ultra dieing.

    This game has way more mechanics than I thought it would have, and I could probably write a ton more stuff here, but I think it's better if you just try it yourself ;D This is a game Roadkill and I played, and we are way behind.... can we still manage to win somehow? I suggest you to let replay show buildings or units to have an idea how much stuff everybody has.

    I hope some of you test and enjoy this game, cause it is tons of fun for me, if you do so feel free to ask me anything about the game, I may have the one or other tip for you^^. I think it helps if I make a very short line up of things to do in the beginnig...

    Run larva to nearby dirt, spend your 120 energy, morph into a queen of your choice place a drone nest on the edge of the creep ( it will serve as food drop off point for all your drones, reducing travel time, and therefor increasing food gain ) run back to where you spent your last 20 energy as larva and spend the 60 energy your queen has, spend your remaining start food to build more drone nests ( you have 250 food in beginning, you should end up with 5 drone nests ), keep spending energy of the queen and use auto attack to remove additional dirt. Keep build drones and soldiers, if you are a fire ant, get out on the map and try to kill stuff for more money, if not try to get as much eco as possible without getting overrun by an opposing ant. Don't get upgrades until you have a reasonable amount of lings ( about 15 or so ). Glhf

    Edit : Should mention control groups, on 1 will be all army units --> zerglings and special units, on 2 is your new larva and once you morphed the queen, 3 has all the drone nests ( good to check your economic state, and to easily select nests to upgrade as wood or black ant ) on 4 are the soldier nests ( you can upgrade those for 80 food to instantly spawn one more ling and give one more supply, advantage is the instant hatch of the ling, downside that building a new nest doing exactly the same only costs 50 ) on 5 are all the broodling spawners, nice to upgrade slow aura easily, 6 have the special unit nests, to easily produce them ( did I mention they don't respawn and you lose the food you invested? Keep an eye on them ! ) and finally on 0 are your drones... sometimes it helps using them to attack if getting into trouble
    early on.
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