If you think trains don't cut it learn to path. Imo pathing / splitting, oh wait. I know how we call this damn strategy we have no name for. Destiny Cloud Fist build! ... has a higher skill cap than training. One really nasty thing you can do as trainer is drop probe, block the path behind you, put probe back in and if you did that fast enough you should be able to get some more distance towards the Zealot. Rarely ever seen anybody do that cause it's not an easy thing to do, or at least it's easy to fuck it up and being closer to Zealot afterwards xD

I've had many ideas on how to change the game and I've spent plenty of time thinking through what should be changed. Train speed wasn't on the list for "too weak". Imo the game lacks variety big time, games are rougly following the mechanics and build orders everytime, that makes it fairly easy to become decent (you only have to know 1 build order for gen max and in all those games where Zealot didn't manage to delay you, you should be getting sub max based on market and on how much you've been practised bbQ's build order.) Training has some different ways to be played out, but against Zealots who don't know you, you can play the same way every game (but it will leave you vulnerable to Zealots who know your style if you don't have the ability to change it up)

Anyways, I've had a crazy idea about probe play and I'll test it out at some point and probably share the replay. It'll be fun if it works the way I think it does.

What should be changed? Variety should increase, upgrades, more viable strategies, what do mercs do except killing super underfed Zealots or hunters not having received 5-ish gas from Zealot?, Should hunters even be a thing? They're retarded as fuck. Kill bounty (2x money for Z) is an interesting mechanic, shouldn't there be more interaction else than the current kill bounty system being applied to gens & mines & transports and after 32k dmg? Upgrades for Zealot to increase kill bounty? Upgrades for probes to deny kill bounty?

I guess it all doesn't matter with Rohime not doing anything. I have nothing personal against Rohime, he's been cool about 2 years ago, but changing about nothing the last 2 years and still keep the development seems retarded to me. He's always been a slow updater compared to other arcade games, but there's a difference between developing slowly and not developing at all. Bugs are fixed / responded to but that's about it and the game is boring as shit and people keep spamming my 7 path gold with miners, it's disgusting.


Here I'm obviously making fun about it along with Anatar, however only to stress the problem to an even bigger extend with even more miners sent than usual


This one is serious and what I have to say about it is in the game already. Learn the fucking SC2 mechanics already.

Just a side note, the standard bbQ miner build is 4x simple 3x advanced AT LEAST! 4+3=7 So I need all the patches for myself in a normal scenario already. If I want to build an extra miner at gen 7 cause min price is high I have to send 1 simple elsewhere. Same applies to building a professional miner at gen 9 cause market price is over 150 and I don't want to buy 200 mins because of that. In case I had a good early game I maybe have 1k gas banked up by the time I established my gold base and can train a 1k miner instead of 2x 500 ones, which would let me get away with 6 out of 7 patches, but then again, there are 2 scenarios where I will need it again. And the autistic community sends about 3 miners to my base. Ty, you very speshial. (fucking kys already)