ive seen many player made wrong status. so they will play this really hard. because they add too much ad and too

much cc but not enough multi. so here is some advice.

max rookie~ amateur tab but with out (sd and life exchange ofc dont need)

professtional tab AD 15/100 AS 10/100 SD dont need(basic rank uprade RE rank RE max. golden card depends on your mode)

expert tab CC 30/150 MS 3/3 CD 60/125 MC 10/25 (units lotto gas lotto bank lotto 30/100)

master tab kill minerals lotto kill gas lotto (10-20)/100 depends on your xp if your xp is under 550K then just get 10

divine tab AD 5/27 CC 15/27

and all these should cost you 620K more or less. not with sp bonus your xp need around 540K

and i assume you had a +10 final rune. ad as 27 sd 35 cc 17 sp bonus 17

good luck guys.