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    [Tool] Specialty Calculator

    I would like to anounce the official release of my "Specialty Calculator" at

    How to use (Big version):

    You can save and load your build. Simply press the "Save Config" button after you have choosen the right configpath. There are 6 prenamed configs you can choose of. Remember to first setup the whole config before saving. The button "Save config" and "Load config" also interacts with the button on the bottom "Calculate optimum skilltree". This means, the skilltree will be updated.

    Before using the calculator, be sure to invest first into utility skills ingame to see the costs and the left sp you will have for attacks or just use in the image view the plus and minus buttons for manually skilling.

    Notice: The manual skilling will be gone after updating the skilltree throught refreshing the site or using a button. The calculator will not skill into utility skills! This is just a feature some people wanted to see the costs.

    Notice: The calculator gives you the best build for the choosen last round. If you have struggle beating lower waves before you got a good setup, reduce the AD by simply adjusting for example "Average Unit %"

    How to setup the calculator:

    SP to invest: Put there all your leftover sp after substracting utility costs.

    GP: Put all your GP inside. If you have less than 24, just ignore the field. If you have more than 24, put all of them inside the field.

    +Team attack/speed/crit: There you put the divine levels from the other players. If you play with 2 and they both maxed the divine buffs, put in 54 (27 x 2). If you play alone set it to 0.

    Average Unit%:: To know the average Unit% for yourself, you need to check ingame where is the average for you. For example: Build 20 high Units and upgrade them with gas. Add all the +values and divide it with 20. The default value is set to 300 but for some people it can be even much higher like between 500 or 700 as an average. An automatic average function will be implemented one day when I got more time and info about specific increasements.

    Your Team Buffs:
    -- Full Team Buffs: First skill all of the divine buffs.
    -- Select Team Buffs: Put in the level how much you will invest first before the calc is using his algorithm. Dont forget to check the boxes.

    -- Add Flowers: If checked, all 3 different flowers are counting.
    -- Add Power Bank Gem: Both gems are able to stack, you can use both at the same time.

    Multi-Target off: Multi-Target is only useful when there are plenty of enemy units on the field. With few single units, its not necessary and also not recommended. By turning it off, there will be 1 point in Multi-Target Attack and 1 in MultiCrit. The reason for this is that 1 point in Multi-Target Attack Damage directly gives you a 20% chance to hit the next near enemy. For hard runs, leave it on.

    SP-Bank: "Invested points" is the level of your utility skill. Intervall/10 rounds means the using of the sp every x rounds. 130 points with intervall of 5 gives on the right the following loadable configs: Round 50 / Round 100 / Round 150 / Round 200 / Round 250. If you want to skill every 10 rounds sp by yourself, for example just put in 110 even if you have a skilllevel of 140 ingame.


    I'm struggling to beat the enemys round 1 - 40
    Reduce the field "Average Unit %" by 100 to increase Attack Damage. Repeat if necessary.

    Special Thanks to <XKK> Eumel and <LDG3R> Melacoon

    Planed Updates:
    -- XP and Score calculator (+- 0,1%)
    -- import/export directly the build from/into the game directly (spe40 uploading/downloading + new hashing)

    - 29.03.2021
    -- Added Skill-Algorithm Chart. Notice: Full Team Buffs is the increasement in the beginning, EP is calculated AFTER and after bank. For higher skilling (Multi-Crit > 35 and bank using, make sure to create inputs >= 225k sp. (Example: 100 Points with intervall 3 or 150 points intervall 2, or 50 points with intervall of 5)
    -- Fixed EP CC not counting
    -- Fixed Enchant CC not counting

    - 19.02.2021
    -- Added Reset button "R" for every Specialty
    -- Added Utility Stuff Categorie (Enemys per Round/XP-Kill/Minerals/Gas/Bank-Lotto collection for defined round)
    -- Small changes to placement of configuration area
    -- Added FAQ in this topic

    - 12.12.2020
    -- Changed Topic into how to use and informationguide
    -- Max Ex: 20
    -- Added small info topright about the calculator
    -- Added optionally Donation

    - 04.05.2020
    -- GP-System included for Points >24 (Input all your GP)
    -- Awakening-System included
    -- Enchant-System included
    -- Multi Target included / can be switched off
    -- New Ex-System. Max Ex: 17

    - 18.04.19
    -- Added 360% average Upgrade% on calculation
    -- Added auto add Break Shield >= 160+ Rounds
    -- Added Torment Option: Select between 0 and 13
    -- Added RoundsToGo: Put in your Rounds you wanna go for. (Skilling affects armor of units)
    -- Added Difficulty with damage inflicted, dmg decreased and speed decreased
    -- Added Flowers, All SXD Units, Power Bank Gem, Single Unit Buff, DT-Mode
    -- Added Reduce Armor in Specialty List
    -- Added Decrease Armor -25% in Runestate
    -- Fixed calculations in outputlist
    - splitted damagefaktor in Table
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