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Thread: [Patch Note] Lottery Defence 15.0

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    [Patch Note] Lottery Defence 15.0

    [Rune awakening system]
    - A rune awakening system is added.
    - Runes upgraded to +15 can be awakened using awakening stones .
    ㆍ Awakening can be done up to 5 times and each time you awaken from [+15], the rune changes to [+ A + B + C + D + E].
    ㆍ Up to 99 awakening stones can be stored.
    ㆍ Awakening has no chance of failure.
    - Theses are the methods of acquiring awakening stones.
    ㆍ Before awakening stones can drop you need to have a +15 rune in your inventory (not necessary to wear)
    ㆍ Tower: Every round from round r40 onwards can drop it.
    ㆍ Holic Difficulty and higher: Every round from round 70 onwards has a very low chance of dropping it.
    ㆍ If you have 99 stones stored more won't appear
    - The probability of dropping stones varies as follows
    ㆍ Higher round - higher chance
    ㆍ More (alive) players in the game -higher chance (x on the tower)
    ㆍ Probability increases when you increase the number of torments ( x corresponding to the tower)
    ㆍ Higher difficulty - higher chance
    ㆍ In round 300 you have a 100% drop chance
    ㆍ In the tower of challenge, the base drop chance is much higher.
    - The stat bonus and visual effect of awakened runes as well as the number of stones required for each awakening is as follows:
    ㆍ Awakening A Stones: 25 - Rune Basic Attack Damage doubled/ Effect Level 1 (Light Flare)
    ㆍ Awakening B Stones: 35 - Rune Basic attack speed doubled / Effect Level 2 (center flare)
    ㆍ Awakening C Stones: 50 - Attack range + 1 / Effect Level 3 (X-flare)
    ㆍ Awakening D Stones: 70 - Critical Damage + 30% / Effect Level 4 (Editable Flare)
    ㆍ Awakening E Stones: 95 - -10% enemy armor / Effect Level 5 (Halo flare)
    ㆍ The effect will only be displayed on the equipped rune.
    - Rune awakening can be done in the following way.
    ㆍ Collect as many awakening stones as you need for awakening.
    ㆍ Open the Rune window and type @rune.
    ㆍ The existing [equip] button on the normal runtab will be changed to the [Awake] button.
    ㆍ Click the [Awake] button on the 15th Rune that you want to awaken.
    ㆍ 100% chance to succeed in awakening.

    -A new hidden unit has been added
    ㆍHybrid Dominator
    ㆍVoid Thrasher
    -added rank reset button for helpers
    - unique tier units and helpers get the assemble button (V)
    -skill changes
    ㆍHybrid Dominator : [inward eyes] cooldown reduced to 25 sec
    ㆍVoid Thrasher : [thunder shelling] cooldown reduced to 15 sec
    ㆍScience Vessel : [irradiatation] +20% additional dmg debuff added (to target)
    ㆍStukov : additional dmg changed to 20%. Energy requirement reduced to 125
    ㆍwarfield : [EMP] shield reducement get removed. +20% additional dmg & movespeed -30% debuff added
    ㆍTaldarim Tempest : [Decomposition] +20% additional dmg debuff added , max energy increased to 200
    ㆍTassadar : [Psionic storm] +10% additional dmg debuff added
    ㆍAmon : [Amon's reflux] maximum target increased to 12

    -Raptor Sniping skill added to helpers
    ㆍAutokill raptor or gift box. (Note: does not kill pigs)
    ㆍCan be toggled
    ㆍInvest in stars to reduce cooldown. (Minimum: 150s).
    ㆍCooldown also reduced by accel.
    -Golden Raptor Changs
    ㆍJackpot chance is doubled if killed by non-helper.
    ㆍRemoved shield. HP 1.
    ㆍ30 size increase.
    ㆍ+5s duration.

    [Unit balance]
    ㆍ All Unique Grade Units: DPS reduced by 15%
    ㆍ All Hell Grade Units: DPS increased by 10%
    ㆍ public hidden units: DPS increased by 10% (warfield, kraith etc.)

    [Title specialty]
    -New the one II title specialty: at the start of round 1 organize your units and overlap them

    - Gold card:
    ㆍspeed increased significantly
    ㆍif no card gets selected, one of the remaining cards will be selected you for automatically
    - new player buffs:
    ㆍless than 30k xp: +20xp per round in solo mode
    ㆍless than 100k xp: +15xp per round in solo mode
    ㆍless than 500k xp: +8xp per round in solo mode
    ㆍless than 1 million xp: +4xp per round in solo mode
    ㆍCaptchas won't appear to players with less than 10k xp
    ㆍCoop requirements for professional/expert title removed.

    - enemy buff message is now displayed on the left side of the screen
    -title page now displays how many ex ranks the player has

    - Hall of Fame difficulty is now available in coop mode
    ㆍLike in solo mode whenever a debuff is active the three debuffs invul, blink, movespeed+ are activated too (removing the main debuff removes the other 3 as well)
    ㆍ No coop stars in this difficulty

    - New infinity spec added Shield reduction
    ㆍ Reduces the shield of enemies by 0.05% * points bought when they spawn
    ㆍ Maximum 500 points for 25% shield reduction
    - New infinite specialty: R.Stone Lotto
    ? Effect: When obtaining a R.Stone 0.2% to get another one
    - New infinite specialty: xp lotto (different from normal xp lotto: works on all kind of xp gain)
    -Maximum points of some specialties changed:
    ㆍ Sell lotto: 20 → 15
    ㆍ Unit lottery : 100 → 70
    ㆍ Gas lottery: 100 → 70
    ㆍ Bank lottery: 100 → 70
    ㆍ Kill lotto: mineral : 100 → 120
    ㆍ Kill lotto: gas: 100 → 120
    -Cost of some specialties changed:
    ㆍ Kill lotto: mineral : initial cost: 300 -> 250; increase 100 -> 75
    ㆍ Kill lotto: gas : initial cost: 300 -> 250; increase 100 -> 75

    - Acquisition of certain + gems no longer require the base gem to be equipped
    - Improved rune upgrade UI

    [Round Reorganization]
    -First 40 rounds are ~20% faster (tower is different)
    ㆍNumber of enemies spawning per round decreased 40 -> 30
    ㆍMinerals for kills adjusted accordingly to give the same amount of minerals as before
    ㆍ Enemy health increased by 12.5%
    ㆍ Difficulty level stays about the same, no change for rounds 41+
    - Tower changes:
    ㆍ Number of enemies spawning in first 20 rounds decreased to 30
    ㆍ Number of enemies spawning in rounds 21-40 decreased to 35
    ㆍMinerals for kills adjusted accordingly to give the same amount of minerals as before
    ㆍ No change to enemy health
    - Timer skips changed to be faster
    -Added Raptor Sniping to Stars
    ㆍReduces cooldown by 100s. (550/450/350/250/150)

    - Downtime between rank resets can now be modified (default is 5 seconds)
    ㆍ chat command @rt+ increases it by 2 seconds ( up to 9 seconds max)
    ㆍ chat command @rt- decreases it by 2 seconds ( down to 1 second1 min)
    - In DT mode the hero upgrade cooldown is cut in half
    - @pt: Protects a unit from being sold.
    - @upt: disables @pt
    - The top and bottom buttons are added to the interface. Pressing this button immediately brings you to practice or the final difficulty.
    - In the difficulty selection window, pressing the Up button on the Practice difficulty will no longer move to the final ( still possible with the arrow keys)

    [Rune and Gem balance]
    The following rune options have been buffed:
    ㆍ Multi-Crit +2 -> Multi-Crit +3
    ㆍ 33% to remove enemy buff -> 50% to remove enemy buff
    - The following gems have been buffed:
    Helper Gem (+)
    ㆍ Before change: Summon 1 (2) Helpers at round 1
    ㆍ After change: Summon 2 (3) Helpers at round 1
    Meteor Gem
    ㆍ Before change: Launch 1 Mini Meteor every 10 seconds
    ㆍ After change: Launch 2 Mini Meteors every 10 seconds
    Starforce Gem
    ㆍ Before change: Receive 33% more stars at game start
    ㆍ After change: Receive 50% more stars at game start

    There are some things that are not written in the patch note, so check in the game yourself.

    This version is the same as the latest version of South Korea.
    However, Some functions are limited.
    It will be available in a later patch.

    Thank you.

    <Support Lottery Defence>
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    Nice patch, should keep us going for awhile thx.

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    Thanks Han super amazing update

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    how can i make the new units? Hybrid Dominator //ㆍVoid Thrasher?

    What i have to do to get the suprter gem+ ?? currently i have Suporter gem by donating $25, my question is if I donate $25 more will i get suporter gem+ or i have to donate more? will i get 20xp instead of 10 then?

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    The new units are as follows:

    Hybrid Dominator: Sarah Kerrigan (XD+, 200+, Lvl11, less than 100 kills) AND Hybrid Behemoth (XD+,
    200+, Lvl11, less than 100 kills)

    Void Thrasher: Hybrid Nemesis (XD+, 200+, Lvl11, less than 100 kills) AND Destroyer (AKA Mohandar 2.0) (XD+, 200+, Lvl11, less than 100 kills)

    For the less than 100 kills, make sure to NF the units

    The supporter + gem is obtained by donating a minimum of $100/90EU and this will give you an extra 10 XP per wave on top of the supporter gem.

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