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Thread: Known Bugs for ver.15.0

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    Known Bugs for ver.15.0


    Han asks for people to email him bugs that they have found.
    I think it's best to compile a list then email him all the bugs at once.
    If you find any more bugs please reply below and I will add them to the current list.
    ALSO, if you find anything that is not translated fully please post about it as well.
    You can post about other miscellaneous stuff that might be related to bugs and translation like spelling errors.

    - Multi Raptor Gem+: Is confirmed as not working (it's not giving any extra raptors.)
    - Over-upgrade+ Gem (and probably regular Over-upgrade Gem) Should say "FIRST time during a game to get over X armor" in description of how to obtain.
    - Gold Card+ gem: it is not giving 3x the bottom card like it should but instead is giving x2.
    - Patch notes say:
    "Acquisition of certain + gems no longer require the base gem to be equippedㆍHorse+ㆍCard+..."
    Yet, description of Card+ in game says that Gold Card Gem must be equipped.
    - Since the patch was applied, people are reporting missing EP.
    This person is only getting 1EP per every 33,000xp. It's meant to be 1 EP per every 30,000 xp as far as anyone knows. See screenshot for proof:
    - when killing golden raptor a message says "+200 shrine max mana" in reality you only get +100 shrine mana.
    - ever since ver. 15.0 came out the dreaded "gas loss when upgrading units bug" has returned. Upgrading multiple units at the same time loses gas. I ran a test just then and lost around 600 gas upgrading 8 units at the same time.
    - The patch says Warfield's EMP has been taken out of the game. Yet, the EMP tooltip still appears on Warfield in game.

    Untranslated stuff:
    - description of Spear of Adun's Purifier Beam.
    - there's Korean text near the enemy spawning point.
    - when you limit break a whole heap of Korean text pops up
    - when selling units, there's Korean text
    - when bank lotto works the text is showing up in Korean.
    - when you click on the lotto shrine, there's a picture of a High Templar with Korean text in the top right.
    - there's some strange message in Korean that pops up at the start of round 200 in classic mode. (I'm told it means that enemies have 2 lives.)
    - Brood Lord's Corruption Bomb's description is in Korean.
    - when you type -s 90 (-s x) to zoom, Korean text pops up.
    - when you try to merge units on the Beacon during Sealed or Ensnare rounds, Korean text shows.
    - When bonus Gas from Gas Bank + Gem (and probably Gas Bank) is applied it displays Korean text.
    - when someone gets RXD rank, Korean text pops up.
    - Tower of Challenge trophy is in Korean.
    - When you open your specialty page and hover the mouse over the SP, Stars, & EP section, it's in Korean.
    - For some reason, when you open the specialty tab, it's listing people as "The One I" when they are not.
    This can be seen on the top right of the specialty tab and when you hover the mouse over it, it's also in Korean.
    - Talandar's Thunderous Blade & Whirlwind descriptions.
    - Tooltip on Hybrid Behemoth
    - Siege Tank has it's rank written in Korean (just below the kills counter.)
    - When Kill XP triggers, on screen there's red Korean text.

    Other stuff:
    - On the Multi-target specialty the description says: "he next closest enemy..." I'm pretty sure it's meant to be "The next closest enemy..."
    - It seems the torment box (where you click to increase torment level) has not been updated to reflect the changes ver. 15.0 made to torment. The box is still saying it costs 50 minerals to torment when it only costs 40. Also the box is not displaying the correct amount of damage reduction per torment level.
    - when you share units, other players can toggle the "lottery swap" 10s, 38s, 76s for your side. This shouldn't be the case as they can sabotage your play.
    - ver. 15.0 patch notes say "ㆍJackpot chance is doubled if killed by non-helper."
    When you kill a raptor there's a message saying "0.5% chance." So does this mean that if a helper kills the raptor the chance is actually 0.25%? Or does this mean that if a regular unit kills the raptor the chance is 1%?

    Long Term buggy stuff which has never been corrected:
    - Spear wandering all over the screen.
    - Spec Ops wandering everywhere.
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