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Thread: Current game balance is far off - EU problem

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    Current game balance is far off - EU problem

    Good evening out there.

    I have been playing this game for about 7 years now and I have been enjoying it alot, before reset and also on korean servers. After a 2 years break I started playing again about a month ago.

    Currently we have a big problem on EU servers and that's hy games. 90% of all games nowadays are solo hy rounds for farming xp like stupid. The rest 8% are coop rounds, where people lack stars and just farm some 270 rounds. Of course - if they finished - they won't do that anymore. Except for the last 2% where some old whales decide to play some long coop runs for fun.

    This system creates a very newbie-unfriendly environment, because most new people could learn this game much better in a coop session, but most sessions nowadays are just some old veterans farming hy rounds.

    What we need - dear Han - is a new balance in terms of Coop games. We must ensure that people can play together without the weaker ones feeling left out. We need a proper bus system or something like that. Or e.g.: Coop XP Bonus 200%. Something like that, so big and old veteran players will play coop because it's worth it.

    Otherwise we will be stuck with farming hy rounds until the end of time. And that is a bit lame, because the lottery community actually grew in recent years. It's a shame and I hope this will be adressed in a patch comin soon, because I had so many conversations with newbies in recent days who all felt bad. They did not want to continue to play lottery defense.

    Also: Less new players, less people donating! So han - this way you will get less money. And we can't have that, can we.

    Greetings out there
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    I don't personally agree that EU has much new players, let alone a grow that justifies the korea bus system and i also disagree that only 2% of "old whales" play coop if someone asks

    the main problem is still that on EU people who join the LTD channel are either in the "normal" channel, or in a channel with 3 people.
    And that there is no way of changing that, so when new people join the channel and see 4 people, they think its a dead game and move on
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