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Thread: Skullcrusher's (Eco God) (Gen 1 to Gen Max)

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    Skullcrusher's (Eco God) (Gen 1 to Gen Max)

    Gen 1:

    Build a wall 1, and then sell Generator when you have 47 vesp. Place your Gen where you want then upgrade it and sell your wall.

    Gen 2:

    After you sell your wall build 8 lvl 1 turret's as fast as possible. Now build a lvl 1 wall and upgrade it to lvl 4. Now sell your turrets when you have 20 vesp. Wait until turrets are about half way sold and sell your wall and upgrade gen (careful not to sell wall too early)

    Gen 3:
    Build 8 lvl 1 Turrets as fast as possible, then build a Market. Sell your turrets when you have 100 vesp and sell your market when you have 120 vesp, then upgrade your Gen. (Make sure you have 120 or more, any less and you'll have to rebuild market)

    Gen 4:
    Build 8 lvl 1 Turrets and then buy Ultra Wall. Wait until you have at least 270 vesp, then sell your turrets, if you can sell your ultra wall at 300 vesp and quickly upgrade generator. Only do so if you can get Ultra wall before 3 minutes. If you can't then here's the alternative.

    Gen 4:
    Build 8 lvl 2 turrets and then build an Ultra wall. Sell your turrets when you have at least 60 vesp, if you're quick enough, sell your ultra wall as your turrets are about to fully salvage.

    Gen 5:
    Build 8 lvl 2 turrets and then build a market. Buy 30(40 if Coast version) Minerals and then upgrade market. Now sell your turrets when you have 370 vesp and then upgrade your Gen.

    Gen 6:
    You can either do turrets or miners first, but here's what you need. Get 4 Simple miners or at least (2k) vesp worth of miners, which ever is quicker(At Gold Base). And then get 8 T4's (Marauders) Now build an Ultra wall 4. Sell your turrets when you have 300 vesp then upgrade your Gen. Keep in mind if you get to 74 minerals sell 10 because you only need 64.

    Gen 7:
    Build 2 Advanced miners while getting 8 T5's (Reapers) Only get a 3rd Advanced miner if the market price is at least 200+. If your minerals go above 120 sell 10 and keep them at 120 until you have enough money for a Mega Wall. Once you get Megawall sell your turrets when you have 500 vesp.

    Gen 8:
    Use the instant build menu and build 8 T6's and then upgrade 2 of them to lvl 7. Now build a Megawall. While you're waiting for enough money to upgrade to Megawall 2, keep your minerals at 240 and sell 10 if it goes above. Once you upgrade your wall sell your turrets right away and then upgrade gen. (You should be able to sell wall as soon as it's done upgrading and then upgrade gen)

    Gen 9:
    Instant build 8 T6's and upgrade all of them to T7. While you're doing that instant buy 200 minerals, (ASAP). Now build a Megawall 1 and upgrade it to lvl 3. Once you get that buy your way to 350 minerals and then sell all of your turrets right away, then upgrade to gen max.

    If you want to shave a couple seconds off of your gen max you can sell your Gen 9 when you have exactly enough money to upgrade to Max Generator and use the Instant Build menu to Instantly build it.

    It's a pretty compact and not well separated guide but if you're new to the game and are interested in improving your Max Generator times, this build will get you there. If this is hard to follow then bbQsauce made a much easier guide to follow with a few differences.!
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