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Thread: Lottery Defence: MegaGuide EU/NA focus

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    Post Lottery Defence: MegaGuide EU/NA focus

    Guide will continuously be updated with more information, Last update 15 sep 2020

    CREDIT to all the helpful people answering questions for gatherings most of the information that is here, Especially: Eumel, Tyr/haugom, Ekket, FVZ, ERGoN, Xolalive, hyp3rk0r3an, ahakenab, Infestor

    Having played Lottery Defence for awhile now, i have been using alot time to find information that is gathered different places, this guides purpose is to collect most of it in 1 place, if the information is not here, try check the forum here on arcade sc or check/ask on discords, ill try add more stuff over time

    KR Cruxis Lottery Defence(Discord):
    Description: alot of players are hanging out there, also able to find admins and alot of information is found there too
    Ingame Chat EU: "Eu Lottery" - ask Eumel or Ekket for invite on discord
    Ingame Chat NA: when ur in starcraft 2 type "/join Lottery Defence" in any chat
    You can find me: on discord or ingame EU name HoWa, want to change something or add something?, just contact me, dont be shy

    Just because there isnt many games under custom games doesnt mean the game is dead, most of the games are private lobbys and are found in the ingame channels.
    and dont forget to make public coop games for new players.

    Short Names:
    XP - Experience
    SP - Specialty Points
    GP - not sure??? Good Points / Great Points ? i dont know
    AD - Attack Damage
    AS - Attack Speed
    CC - Critical Chance
    CD - Critical Damage
    MC - Multi Critical strike
    SD - Spell Damage
    AP - ability Power - same thing as SD
    HP - Health
    DT - Double Time
    RS - Random Spawn
    HY - Eternal Hyper - Check under xp farming for more information
    TOC - Tower of Challenge

    - Unit bank, a description is shown when you type this, its basically a place for you to store all ur smaller units that only makes you game lagg, once activated the merge menu on left shows how many units you got stored, you CANNOT store neutral units, shift + left click to get units out of bank, mark unit again and CTRL + Left click to store them again, new units you make are automatically merged and stored to disable auto merge type @am after unit bank is on, you can also have @am on and use Left alt + Left Click to have specific units not auto store/ auto merge, red numbers should indicate if its on or not.

    @am - check under @data for more information
    @in - mark units and type @in to put those units into bank (same as shortcut CTRL+C)
    -s 50~90 - zoom out the camera, you can also click F1(default) - F3(Far)
    @Sell - Sell marked units, each sells for 0,5 mineral doesnt matter if its a small unit or Legend unit you sell
    @pt - mark units and type @pt to prevent them from getting sold using @sell
    @upt - mark units and type @upt - Removes @pt
    @nf - mark units and type @nf to prevent them from attacking, usefull in coop as support
    @yf - mark units and type @yf to make units attack
    @rl - mark units and type @rl to make unit model a stick(good for performance)
    @p1~p3 - view player 1-3 profile
    @r1~r3 - view player 1-3 gems

    @as - turn on quick sell shortcut shift+Z
    @af - turn on shortcut for @nf @yf - shortcut ALT+Z
    @sb - Copies the bank window on the lower half of the minimap.(So you can operate bank and unit bank at the same time)
    @txt - enable/disable critical hit text
    @tag - enable/disable text on ur field
    @ss - a settings menu to remember for future game for @as @af @sb @txt @tag

    @report - shows unique ID for all players in the game
    @kre - enable/disable gas/mineral lotto
    @jan - disables GP 1A & 1B(you cant enable it again in same game, you need to make a new game and it will be enabled again)
    @rune - to use R.Stone
    @rune2 - to activate/disable rune slot enchanting
    @tran - ??? e-rune option

    @SXD - Set unit to SXD rank(requires sxd gem) (3 or 5 max uses in 1 game)
    @XD - Set unit to XD rank(Requires 5 GP) (30 minute CD)
    @X - Set unit to X rank(Requires 17 GP) (15 minute CD)

    Credit to FVZ for this list:

    Game Modes, Difficulties and modifiers:

    Game modes
    - play alone, you can gain additional stats by having other divine+ players in ur game game giving you damage buffs
    Coop: play together, usually its the player with the most xp that kills enemies while the other 2 players support by making units, usually hidden units for longer games, check useful links section for list of all hidden units

    Game type
    - Waves of enemies spawn, you must kill enemies before the timer ends or you lose lives.
    Eternal: only works on solo game mode
    - Enemies spawn continuously, you must kill enemies before too many enemies are on the lane or you lose lives.
    - You lose 1 life every 10 ingame seconds when there is too many enemies on the field

    limits are as follows
    - Round 1 - 49 = 30 Enemies max
    - Round 50 - 89 = 30-38 Enemies max(2 added every 10 round)
    - Round 90 - 200 = 40 Enemies max
    - Round 200 - 220 = Reduce Enemies max by 1 every round
    - Round 220+ - 20 Enemies max

    Game modifiers:
    DT: Double Time
    - Game speed x 1,5
    - Timer - 40%
    - Additional Score + 10%
    - (must gain majority of votes)
    RS: Random spawn
    - Enemies spawn on random locations
    - Additional Score + 5%
    HY: Eternal Hyper: only works on Eternal game type
    - Wait 75% less before the end of round after mob spawned
    - Turning on this mode will end the game after round 115
    (must gain majority of votes)
    RP: Rapid
    - All enemy movement speed + 50%
    - Additional Score + 5%
    SD: Sudden Death
    - Life 1
    - Additional Score + 10%
    NB: No Bonus
    - No Golden Cards - No Golden raptor spawns - no horse racing
    - Additional Score + 5%
    SP: SPIN
    - game spins around
    - Additional Score + 5%

    - check the link for difficulties and values
    - Hall of Fame Difficulty might not be visible when picking difficulty, just keep clicking the down arrow and it will appear.

    EX Games and T.O.C. Late game challenges(Recommended XP 500k or higher)

    Ex Rank: requirements
    - Torment levels added before round 120
    - DT/RS on
    - No lives lost
    - clear round 270

    to add torment, somewhere top left of ur screen is a torment button double click on it to add a torment(requires round 40 or higher to be enabled)

    Torment 1-16 = Ex1-Ex16
    Torment 17 = ExM (Recommended XP 10 million for practice difficulty)

    Not all Torment levels are unlocked, Check this sheet by FVZ, to see what needs to be done to unlock:

    Tower of Challenge (you can only do 2 of these game types per day)
    - VERY HARD monsters in first round have 98% damage recduction.
    - you get alot more xp in this game mode
    - Check here for more information
    - Check discord for deeper strategy guides and numbers.

    Specialty, EP, Stars & GP
    a whole section about specialty will be made soon

    Under Specialty and at the bottom of the menu you find EP,
    you get 1 EP / 30k XP
    Here's some recommended things to pick for different game types:

    Solo round 160+
    Reduce Armor > MC > CC >Whatever
    MC > CC > Whatever
    COOP Carry
    Reduce Armor > MC > CC > > Break Safety > Whatever
    COOP Support
    Reduce Armor > Break Safety > Mineral

    Whatever = just put equal points in the rest.
    Reduce Armor = very important for long games, even for Coop support as each lane has their own armor reduction values
    Break Safety = after you used all upgrades on Hell+ units, you can start usings "Breaking Through the limits, this basically prevents it from getting destroyed ONCE, it is not that usefull as the stats is mostly additive and even if you reach +3 for the acceleration buff, you total field damage is probably not gonna increase that much if you already have 10 other Legend+ Units on the field.

    Stars are needed for progressing Titles and here is the requirements for getting stars
    - Clear x amount of rounds on solo game mode without losing any lives
    - Clear x amount of rounds on solo game mode with DT/RS game modifiers on
    - Clear x amount of rounds on coop game mode

    the rounds are (70,90,110,130,150,180,220,270)
    HoF (70,90,110,130,170,210,250,300)

    Ex Rank 1-9(1 Star)
    Ex Rank 10-13(2 Stars)
    Ex Rank 14+(no Stars)

    Hell Difficulty or higher
    Solo/Coop Carry
    1 Sniping > Debuff Remover > Whatever
    Coop Support
    Debuff Remover > Mini Meteor > whatever
    Practice - V.Hard
    Same as above but without Debuff Remover

    Sniping = makes your helpers snipe the golden raptor that spawns, you need to manually attack it if you got no sniping, the snipe ability has a cooldown so more helpers = more snipes.

    Debuff = Hell difficulty and higher has a chance of adding a modifier to the current round, the higher the difficulty the higher chance of adding one.
    List of debuffs:
    - [Debuff: Seal-Off] Disables Upgrades/Rank/Shrine Usage/Combination for this round.
    - [Enemy buff: Cloak] Enemy Cloaks when attacked.
    - [Enemy Buff: Invulnerability] Enemy becomes invulnerable when HP falls below 40%
    - [Enemy Buff: Enshare] Make all friendy unit's range/speed
    - [Enemy Buff: Super Shield] Enemies gains Super Shield Frequency
    - [Enemy Buff: Rampage] Enemy movement speed sharply increases.

    Under Rune and bottom row is where you find GP, Here you can find some interesting quality of life things to make ur game easier both early on and late into the game,
    to get a GP point you need to do the following
    - 1 GP for every title after pro(Pro, Master, The One I, The Zero)
    - 1 GP for every 25000 rounds(Personally reached round 25000 around 700k xp)
    - 1 GP for every 75 stars (75,150,225,300,375,450)
    - 1 GP for every 50 ExRank(50,100,150,200,250)


    unit types
    - Normal (Goliath, Marine, and more)
    - Magic (Spartan Company, Warmonger...)
    - Rare (ARES, Death Head...)
    - Epic (Arch Angel, Collosus...)
    - Unique (Stukov, Void Ray...)
    - Hell (Vorazun, Leviathan...)
    - Normal Hidden's (Warfield, Science Vessel, Tassador, Purifier Collosus, Kraith)
    - Legend(Gorgon Cruiser, Selendis...)

    God's and Artifact
    - You can only have 1 of each.
    - You cannot send these between coop players.
    - Each of them give a global bonus.

    Here's the list of Gods and global bonuses.
    - Xelnaga Kerrigan(+10% CC)
    - Spec Ops Nova(+15% AS)
    - TerraTron(+10% CC)
    - Amon(+30% AD)
    - Spear of Adun(+30% CD)
    - Artifact(+20% CC)

    Artifact require you to get 5 artifact fragments, you have a chance to get these when using mineral lotto 4,8 or 15.

    if you want to make these or wanna see a full list of all hidden units, check this link
    Hidden Units:
    Credit: Dreamfield & LittleBunny

    Rune's add extra stats to ur game and can be upgrade to become very powerfull and almost a requirement for pushing stars and ExRank
    - you get a chance to roll the wheel on the following rounds
    - Round 40/45*, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 170, 190, 220, 270(might be incorrect)
    *On Classic Mode, first rune roll is on Round 40. On Eternal Mode, first rune roll is on Round 45
    - once you get a rune, you can choose to keep/upgrade/sell the rune
    - you got 5 rune slots to keep runes
    - it is not recommended to sell a rune, you do get some xp for doing so but runes are much better for upgrading ur current runes

    the different base rune types
    Master Rune
    Ultimate Rune(has extra CC)
    Final Rune (gives(has extra CC, SP)
    Winner Rune(has extra CC, SP, Replaces SD stat with CD)
    - only obtainable on Solo - Imposs Difficulty or higher)

    When in the rune menu, you can type @rune2 to start enchanting rune slots, the bonuses are fairly small, the bonuses are as following for each level/upgrade
    - 1% AD
    - 1% CC
    - 1% Acceleration
    - 1% Final Damage
    - 1% Shield
    - 1% HP Reduction

    the Upgrade cost are
    - Level 1 - 3
    - Level 2 - 15
    - Level 3 - 40
    - Level 4 - 125
    - Level 5 - 350
    - Level 6 - ??

    Upgrading Rune's
    - once you decide to upgrade a rune, you will have a chance for success/failure, if you succed, a message in the chat will show
    - Rune upgrade 1-5 wont require more than a few runes to upgrade
    - Rune upgrade 6-14 becomes harder and harder for each upgrade level
    - Rune upgrade 14-15 requires atleast +10 hy games, but there is always the luck factor.

    Rune +10
    once you succesfully upgrade a rune to +10, a random special stat is added with yellow text, here's the list of the things you can get
    - Maximum unit upgrade +5
    - Every Race max upgrade +1 (up to 21)
    - Enemy Armor -25%
    - Double rune's base critical chance
    - if this rune is stored(+100% Rune upgrade chance) +15AD% on equip*
    - 50% chance to ignore enemy buff
    - Unit acceleration +15%
    - Multi Critical +3
    - 50% Critical Damage

    * also known as a totem rune, you cannot get this on a +15 rune upgrade.

    Rune +15
    - you get another random Special stat
    - you are now able to get R. Stones(See the tooltip ingame under rune section)

    with R. Stone you can start upgrading ur rune to get really powerfull
    each upgrade cost and gives:
    A. 25 - Rune AD x 2
    B. 35 - Rune AS x 2
    C. 50 - Attack Range + 1
    D. 70 - 30% CD
    E. 95 - -10% armor(additive)
    total cost 275 R. Stones
    - Once you gotten 2 runes to E. upgrade, you can start using @tran
    - R.S Revision in infinity tab does not work(13 september 2020)

    TITLES & Requirements:
    in title menu you can hover mouse over required to see what you need, when you meet the requirements click PROMOTE

    most early progression depends on getting rank score, for example Rank A require Round 73 without any additional mods on, for new players try work on getting to divine Title, that way you can start playing hy games which is where most players farm xp

    Rookie Requirement:
    - None

    Beginner Requirement:
    - Solo Practice Difficulty Rank C or higher

    Amateur Requirement:
    - Solo Normal Difficulty Rank C or higher

    Pro Requirements:
    - Solo Hard Difficulty Rank B or higher
    - 3 Player Coop Hard Difficulty clear round 70

    Expert Requirements:
    - Solo Inferno Difficulty Rank B or higher
    - 3 Player Coop Inferno Difficulty clear round 70
    - 15 Stars or higher

    Master Requirements:
    - Solo Holic Difficulty Rank A or higher
    - 3 Player Coop Holic Difficulty clear round 90
    - 35 Stars or higher

    Divine Requirements: (Recommended XP 100k or higher)
    - Solo Ultimate Difficulty Rank A or higher
    - 3 Player Coop Ultimate Difficulty clear round 90
    - 75 Stars or higher

    The One I Requirements: (Recommended XP 500k or higher)
    - 5 Million Total Score or higher
    - 170 Stars or higher

    The One II Requirements: (Recommended XP 1 Million or higher)
    - Solo Hall of Fame Difficulty - DT/RS - No lives lost - clear round 130
    - 220 Stars or higher

    The Zero Requirements: (Recommended XP 4,5 Million or higher)
    - Solo Hall of Fame Difficulty - DT/RS - No lives lost - clear round 250
    - 250 Stars or higher

    XP Farming:
    1 XP = 1 SP and SP is what everyone needs to progress and do higher difficulty.

    There's alot different ways to farm xp, basically you get xp per round you clear, the higher the round & difficulty, the more xp you get per round, there is also specialty points that increase ur xp, you can also support the devs to get more xp per round...

    New Players: Sub divine players
    personally i would find players to play coop with, theres alot people over 1 million xp that likes to do coop with you on higher difficulties for 200+ rounds or just simply start up a game and play.

    Divine+: people between Divine Title and The One I
    HY is the most popular gamemode for farming xp and probably also the most efficient, since the time between rounds are shorter, it is recommended that you play with 2 others so you can use specialty points in divine to buff the other players in the game, they will also buff you which means you can do higher difficulty and get higher xp/round

    to get started with HY, find ur ingame channel on ur region where the lottery defence players is hanging out and ask for hy games or create ur own game and link the lobby using /Lobbylink chat command,
    when the game starts you pick Solo - Eternal & mods DT/HY when you picked the game and difficulty settings the first thing you wanna do is put specialty points into "Team Crit Chance", this is the most important buff for hy games and why people play hy together, add "team attack damage" and "Team attack speed" when you have higher xp.

    The Total buff you get for playing together with 2 other divine+ players with full buff is:
    - 94 AD (40% Bless) (54% Team Attack Damage)
    - 54 AS
    - 27 CC
    it is also known as R11 buff for classic solo long games, team buff stays stays aslong as the players leave after round 11, you lose the Bless buff though since the player is not in the game anymore

    if you like a more afk game but less xp, play alone with r11 buffs and pick a lower difficulty than what you can actually do and try get to round 150/180 or higher. or find a high difficulty coop game or coop ghost.

    The One II & The Zero
    - add torment difficulty to hy HOF difficulty as early as possible and play together with people that has supporter gem
    - for more relaxed afk game, pick TFinal, the difficulty difference between Tfinal and HoF is fairly big.
    - T.O.C. isnt that efficient, but dont forget to get the rewards for clearing every 10 round
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    Gems give alot of good bonuses and should not be overseen, it is crucial you start working on some of them asap so you can make ur overall gameplay easier, some things like sxd gem and easy rank gem are required to make gods, unless you ready to spent thousands of gas on trying to make 1 single unit where you could had spent that gas on upgrading ur legend+ units

    i will try to list the easiest gems to work on first, but there are alot gems that rely heavily on rng, so dont expect to get multiple gems a day, could take weeks and even months to get the gems you want.

    Rookie & Beginner Title
    Helper Gem
    - Kill 500 enemies with 1 helper
    - should be fairly easy enough
    - Receive +2 helpers at start of game

    Helper+ Gem
    - Kill 1000 enemies with 1 helper
    - probably needs double r11 buff to do so, but still doable without much xp/sp
    - Receive +3 helpers at start of a game

    Horse Master Gem
    - Obtain first place 5 times in a row from horse races
    - keep betting, even if its just 2 gas,
    also putting on full gas on every round is always worth it to get a good early game, only use the mineral reward in Coop as a support player
    1. place 3 times reward(4 times reward with Amateur: horse mas')
    2. place 2 times reward
    3. place 0,5 times reward
    4. nothing
    - 1st and 2nd place count as 1st place

    Amateur Title
    Gas Bank Gem
    - Receive 18 gas 3 times in a row from the 2 mineral jackpot gas lottery
    - under specialty amateur > pick gas revision to make the odds better,
    - under specialty expert > DONT Ever PICK gas Lottery lotto. this works against trying to get the gas gem.
    - because you wanna try get this gem, you will only be using the 2 mineral lotto until you have achieved it.
    - odds are 1:2744 to get it 3 times a row with gas revision and no gas lottery lotto
    - get 1 to 3 gas every round

    Gas Bank Gem+
    - Receieve 45 gas 3 times in a row from the 5 mineral jackpot gas lottery
    - do the same as gas bank gem but use the 5 mineral lotto
    - odds are 1:46656, might be wrong on that one, but as you get better to the game, you automatically get alot more gas.
    - get 3 to 10 gas every round

    Professional, Expert, Master, Divine TITLE
    Double Card Gem
    - Obtain Unique+ units 3x in a row from Golden Cards
    - you get golden cards at round(10,20,30,?????)
    - Receive 2x Golden Card units

    Double Card Gem+
    - Obtain Unique+ units 5x in a row from Golden Cards
    - Receive 3x Golden Card units

    Over Upgrade gem
    - Upgrade a hell+ unit to 450+ armor
    - Its doable with 20 max upgrade, but might be alot easier in coop where someone has 26+ max upgrade
    - Receieve +3 upgrade attempts

    Easy Rank Gem
    - Obtain XD rank or better 2x in a row on rank reset
    - very powefull gem that saves you thousands of gas, some might get it before "The One I" Title, i personally had to wait untill then.
    - increase the chance to get X rank or higher by 2x on rank reset

    135 Stars
    Starforce GEM
    - Remove an enemy debuff 5x in a row through star specialty
    - add full stars into debuff remover, need 135 stars to max it, and simply play the game
    - 50% more stars at start of game

    The One I Title
    - Some gems+ require you to equip the normal version of the gem before you can aquire the + or ++ version

    Multi Raptor Gem
    - Obtain 2 jackpots from raptors in one game
    - Chance for killing a raptor and getting jackpot is 0,5% chance, best for long games
    - Spawn +1 golden raptor

    SXD Gem (and easy rank gem if you havent gotten it yet)
    - Obtain SXD rank or better 2x in a row on rank reset
    - under "the one I" specialty, you got all the tools to maximize ur effort to get this gem, the only missing stuff is "the zero" title for maximum chance of getting it,
    - The best strategy is probably to make a game on practice and make as few units as possible while spending all minerals into bank and using the gas banker bonus to get the maximum gas in 1 game
    - now simply hold x or find an autoclicker to do the rank reset spam for you and hope for the best, (i got "the one 1" title, easy rank gem and sxd gem in 1 day.
    - in some coop games where you get heavily carried, you can also use ur time there to spam rank reset
    - Reward: you can now use @sxd 3 times in a game to change a units rank to SXD

    Easy Rank gem+
    - Obtain XD rank or better 3x in a row on rank reset
    - same tactic as the info described under SXD gem
    - increase the chance to get X rank or higher by 2,5x on rank reset
    Easy Rank gem++
    - Obtain XD rank or better 4x in a row on rank reset
    - same tactic as the info described under SXD gem
    - increase the chance to get X rank or higher by 2,75x on rank reset
    SXD rank gem+
    - Obtain SXD rank or better 3x in a row on rank reset
    - same tactic as the info described under SXD gem
    - Reward: you can now use @sxd 5 times in a game to change a units rank to SXD

    Over Upgrade Gem+
    - Upgrade a hell+ unit to 650+ armor
    - if you have Rune with +5 upgrade attempts, you can use this to have an easier time to achieve it
    - maximize double upgrade
    - Receieve +5 upgrade attempts

    Solo Cri GemH (Hidden gem 1/2)
    - 10 Dog's, 10 Crab's, 10 Karak's, 10 Ursadak's, 10 Yeti's... All Male's
    - Dont have any Female neutrals on lane
    - Each Single unit buff you have gives you 1% CC (up to 20% CC max)

    The One II & Zero Title
    most of the gems are debuff based, i would assume HoF would be the ideal difficulty to get these.

    Shieldmaster Gem (Hidden gem 2/2)
    - get a master rune to +15
    - Might be what you need for Zero promotion.
    - Double's the downtime between shield frequency

    you can see this list by hyp3rk0r3an if some information is missing.
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    Solo Guide somewhere at middle of page

    Here you will learn about everything that is important in coop games to maximize the rounds you can reach, for now the META seem to be 1 player killing everything while the other 2 players support in making/Merging/Sending units.

    Expect games to be very long up to 5-7 hours(most of the time is afk)
    Anyone playing a long game should use all Starcraft 2 Settings on Low

    When the game starts, the title for each player is displayed, you can also use @p1 @p2 @p3 to check the amount of SP each player have, the player with the most SP should be the carry, the other 2 players support

    Almost always settings are Classic with DT/RP and sometimes NB to speed up the game abit, The host Choose the difficulty and settings.

    Before you pick any sp or anything go into settings
    - click Opti'
    - lag > off (kinda does nothing)
    - Bg > on (you might be told to to disable this later)
    - Attack > Epic (Ignore this if ur Coop Carry)
    These settings is to reduce amount of stuff happening on the screen, usually around round 150+ is when the fps drops really kick in, but depends on how strong the carry is.

    you should also activate @data right away and @am so you dont auto merge
    if you dont know what @data does, check somewhere in the first post under Commands

    COOP Support
    For new players this is what you probably gonna read if you get into a coop game, you want to place ur SP/Stars/EP in the best places possible to make the game as easy as possible, there are some very important overseen things that new players dont pick and makes the game unnecesary harder alreadt from round 1.

    This guide can also be usefull for people with higher SP to see what to pick to maximize effort.

    pick this:
    Break Shield > SP Bank > Exchange > Rank Revision > Unit Lottery Lotto > Ltry Revision > @Sell Lotto > Team Exchange > Team CC > Team AS > Team AD

    - only use the 1 mineral lotto to make units
    - Vulture spider mines placed into green circle
    - if ur low xp/sp player compared to the coop carry, you should just listen to what the coop carry say if you want to get to high rounds.
    - share control to all players(Top right icon)

    Hidden Units:
    Description: Here you can find all the hidden units in the game, you need to use the Green Circle to combine units.
    Credit: Dreamfield & LittleBunny

    - if you have a rune with -25% Armor, EQUIP IT, BIG Fking DEAL otherwise go for a +5 unit upgrade attempt rune, other runes has no effect as coop support.
    - you might have to remake game if you didnt equip the rune before the lobby started...

    Reduce Armor > Break Safety > Minerals

    Debuff Remover > Mini Meteor


    this applies to all coop players
    if ur Master Title+ PICK BREAK SHIELD as the very first thing, it is a huge deal to reduce armor
    - Rookie > Exchange 20/20

    Exchange determines how many units you can send to other players/lanes

    Rookie & Beginner Title
    Mineral > Gas > Life > M. Speed+

    - not much to say here.
    @Sell lotto > Max upgrade > Gas Revision

    - you might be told to sell neutral units, this can give a few more minerals in the long run

    - If you do not have max upgrade to max, dont bother merging raven's, Legend's or other hidden units that require a high max upgrade base

    - for units that require 90% armor, 10 total max upgrade should be fine
    - for units that require 150% armor 20 total max upgrade should be fine
    - for units that require 200% armor 23 total max upgrade should be fine
    - for units that require 300% armor 25 total max upgrade should be fine, But if someone else has higher "max upgrade attempt" they should combine the unit.

    Rank Revision > Basic Rank > Upg Revision I > Upg Revision II

    - Rank Revision makes things soo much easier when making hidden units that require SS or SSS rank
    - for X/XD rank, if you do not have easy rank gem, dont bother wasting 600 gas on 1 unit, if someone else has easy rank gem, they should do it instead
    - for SXD rank, dont even bother without SXD Gem.

    Basic Rank, UPG Revi. I & UPG Revi. II,
    - is not really that important if you got other places to spent SP

    Unit Lottery lotto > Movement Speed II

    - Unit Lottery lotto is probably where you gonna spent most SP into, you are a coop support, you make units, this makes you make more units per mineral spent.

    Break Shield > Ltry Revision > XP Limit > XP Lotto

    - Always pick Break Shield, Each lane of enemies has their own armor values based on the players armor reduction
    - Lottery Revision makes you make bigger units, should be maxed too
    - XP per round is limited to 30 per round, on higher difficulties you might run into this limit and you require to pick XP Limit if you want to catch the cap

    SP Bank > Team CC > Team Exchange > Team AS > Team AD

    - Full SP Bank after you picked Break Shield..
    - you dont need Team exchange right away, if anything Team CC is always a good damage increase early on if you havent maxed unit lottery lotto and lottery revision yet

    The One I - The One II - Zero & Infinity Tab
    not much use in these tabs,
    - maybe rune revision or
    - rank revision II & SXD revision if you got minerals to work on rank reset gems.
    - Reduce shield infinity tab to reduce the numbers abit
    - Xp limit too for Tfinal runs

    COOP Carry
    - try to get artifact, even if you get it at round 200, its still gonna be big damage increase, ur coop supports will be making small units and could make normal hiddens too(like warfield, Kraith...)

    - Communication is key here, dont act like a dictator or you might lose ur allies interest of playing with you, try explain things they dont know.

    Coop Ghost (Daddy)
    There's alot of players with very high xp, these players can simply join a game with you, put full damage specialty and leave again at r11, You now have an arena where units sent to it will do massive damage, thats really all you need to know.
    - Ghost Carry leaves
    - 2 other Coop Supports simply send units to the ghost carry's lane

    When Ghost Carry share control and leave game, the 2 other players can do few things you wouldnt be able to do in a normal coop game.
    - Upgrade lotto shrine gas upgrades.
    - Upgrade units without the unit being in ur own lane.

    2 man coop
    this type of play only makes units spawn from 2 lanes, because of this games generally are much faster and less laggy, and also require less damage to beat
    - You cannot get stars from this game
    - with NB on and tfinal difficulty, this can be great fast xp in a coop scenario, but not more xp/hour than playing HY gamemode.

    Guide incomplete


    Bank Bank is disabled in coop
    if you can finish building ur bank before you die, you should be good for up to round 110 atleast, it is expected you finish building ur bank before round 35-45.

    Shift + F: Deposit all minerals
    CTRL + F: Withdraw 10 minerals

    there are 5 interest upgrades, you need to buy them all to get the highest amount of interest possible.
    the costs are:
    - 10,15,20,25,30 (100 total mineral cost)

    Round 2-9(max interest 3)
    Round 10-19(max interest 4)
    Round 20-26(max interest 5)

    Round 27+
    Max interest possible is:
    - 10 (Requires around 125 minerals in bank)
    - 11 (Requires around 135 minerals in bank) (with pro title: +1)

    with full bank lotto (Specialty > Expert > Bank Lotto)
    - 13,5 average (14,85 average with pro title: +1)

    Gas Banker
    under pro title you can pick Gas Bank, it gives you 1 gas for every 20 mineral in bank(This has no limit)

    140 minerals in bank
    - 7+ Gas per round

    500 minerals in bank
    - 25+ Gas per round

    1000 minerals in bank
    - 50+ Gas per round

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamfield View Post
    from 2016Golden Raptor
    Only available in Solo mode.

    An event neutral monster that is spawned with a certain probability after round 10, after the summoning of units for the given round is completed.

    It is very small and fast, and has a strengthened shield (+10 armor). The amount of the armor is (5 X current round, maximum of 500).

    It will automatically disappear after 30 secs of being summoned and does not apply to life and kill counts.

    If you kill a Golden Raptor, the unit made the kill gains 5% increased attack damage (can be nested/stacked) and you receive additional one of 4 bonuses:
    1 ~ 3 minerals 4 ~ 12 gas 15 ~ 30 experience 100 lotto shrine energy
    Also, with a 0.5% chance for an additional 200xp.

    The probability of appearance of Golden Raptor is (round / 4) %.
    If the current round is 24, the probability is 6%.

    Some users say they are getting randomized bonuses such as 400 xp or 200 shrine energy or 100 max energy (shrine energy increased from 1200 to 1300) etc. If you have any observations on your own, share below.

    Guide incomplete
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    Attack Damage I
    Gives: 3% AD per level
    Cost: 50 (+40 per level)

    5/5 Gives 15% AD
    5/5 Cost: asdasd

    Attack Speed I
    Gives: 3% AS per level
    Cost: 50 (+40 per level)

    5/5 Gives: 15% AS
    5/5 Cost:

    Skill Damage I
    Gives: 5% SD per level
    Cost: 50 (+40 per level)

    5/5 Gives: 25% SD
    5/5 Cost:

    Exchange +
    Gives: +1 Exchange per level
    Cost: (+50 per level)

    20/20 Gives: +2 Exchange per level
    20/20 Cost:

    Critical Chance I
    Gives: 1% CC per level
    Cost: 100 (+75 per level)

    10/10 Gives: 10% CC
    10/10 Cost:

    M Speed+
    Gives: 10% Movement Speed per level
    Cost: 150 (+75 per level)

    3/3 Gives: 30% Movement Speed
    3/3 Cost:

    Attack Range I
    Gives: 3% Increased Attack Range per level
    Cost: 100 (+50 per level)

    5/5 Gives: 15% Increased Attack Range
    5/5 Cost:

    Mineral +
    Gives: +1 Mineral per level
    Cost: 150 (+75 per level)

    4/4 Gives: +4 Minerals
    4/4 Cost:

    Gas +
    Gives: +2 Gas per level
    Cost: 75 (+75 per level)

    8/8 Gives: +32 Gas
    8/8 Cost:

    Life +
    Gives: +1 Life per level
    Cost: 75 (+40 per level)

    10/10 Gives: +10 Life
    10/10 Cost:
    - also ads lives in coop games

    Attack Damage II
    Gives: 2% AD per level
    Cost: 100 (+70 per level)

    15/15 Gives: 30% AD
    15/15 Cost:

    Attack Speed II
    Gives: 1,5% AS per level
    Cost: 100 (+70 per level)

    15/15 Gives: 45% AS
    15/15 Cost:

    Skill Damage II
    Gives: 4% SD per level
    Cost: 100 (+70 per level)

    15/15 Gives: 60% SD
    15/15 Cost:

    Gas Revision
    - Increase the minimum value when buying gas
    Gives: +1 minimum value per level
    Cost: 350 (+175 per level)

    4/4 Gives: +4 minimum value
    4/4 Cost:

    Unit XP+
    - Increased XP Gain for Hell+ units
    Gives: 25% unit XP per level
    Cost: 200 (+100 per level)

    10/10 Gives: 250%
    10/10 Cost:

    Interest Rate+
    - Increase interest rate for mineral Bank
    Gives: 0,1% Interest per level
    Cost: 200 (+100 per level)

    10/10 Gives: 1%
    10/10 Cost:

    Max Upgrade
    - Hell+ units have a chance to be upgraded to deal increased damage, this gives you more upgrade attempts
    Gives: +1 Upgrade attempt per level
    Cost: 350 (+300 per level)

    10/10 Gives: +10 Upgrade attempts
    10/10 Cost:

    @Sell Lotto
    - Each point gives you a chance of getting double minerals when selling units using @sell
    Gives: 2,5% @Sell Lotto per level
    Cost: 150 (+75 per level)

    15/15 Gives: 37,5%
    15/15 Cost:

    Attack Damage III
    Gives: 1% AD per level
    Cost: 150 (+75 per level)

    150/150 Gives: 150% AD
    150/150 Cost:

    Attack Speed III
    Gives: 0,5% AS per level
    Cost: 150 (+75 per level)

    150/150 Gives: 75% AS
    150/150 Cost:

    Skill Damage III
    Gives: 3% SD per level
    Cost: 150 (+75 per level)

    150/150 Gives: 450% SD
    150/150 Cost:

    Basic Rank
    Gives: Higher basic rank per level
    Cost: 300 (+300 per level)

    4/4 Gives: Minimum of S rank
    4/4 Cost:
    - it is only for units made through lottery tickets/golden card/merge and NOT from units you spawn from Bank, those always have D Rank

    Upg Revision I +
    Gives: ??
    Cost: 300 (+350 per level)

    5/5 Gives: ??
    5/5 Cost:
    - hard to notice the difference, it might just be very small number increases

    Upg Revision II +
    Gives: ??
    Cost: 700 (+550 per level)

    3/3 Gives: ??
    3/3 Cost:
    - The description for this might be wrong, and same with the numbers, or the numbers are just as small as upp revision I
    - overall with both Upg revision maxed, still feels like 30% for the 20 gas upgrade

    Rank Revision I
    Gives: Higher possible rank on Rank reset per level
    Cost: 350 (+350 per level)

    5/5 Gives: Decent chance for SS / SSS roll.
    5/5 Cost:

    Card Revision
    Gives: Higher tier units on golden card(might require Amateur: card Mas for full potential)
    Cost: 350 (+350 per level)

    5/5 Gives: Unique units seems really common
    5/5 Cost:

    Critical Chance II
    Gives: 0,5% CC per level
    Cost: 200 (+75 per level)

    150/150 Gives: 75% CC
    150/150 Cost:

    Movement Speed II
    Gives: 10% Movement Speed per level
    Cost: 400 (+150 per level)

    3/3 Gives: 30% Movement Speed
    3/3 Cost:

    Critical Dmg I
    Gives: 2,5% CD per level
    Cost: 200 (+90 per level)

    125/125 Gives: 312,5% CD
    125/125 Cost:

    Multi-Critical I
    Gives: +1 MC per level
    Cost: Costs seem to have fixed numbers.
    1/8: 350, 700, 1400, 2800, 5600, 11200, 22400, 44800
    9/20???: 50.000 maybe?
    21/25: 100.000 ??? maybe

    25/25 Gives: +25 MC
    25/25 Cost:
    - MC is a huge damage boost if you have over 100% CC... will add more info about it soon

    Unit Lottery Lotto
    Gives: 0,5% Chance of double unit lottery per level
    Cost: 100 (+40 per level)

    70/70 Gives: 35% Chance of double unit lottery
    70/70 Cost:
    - Double unit spawn does NOT give an extra chance for artifact fragment.

    Gas Lottery Lotto
    Gives: 0,5% Chance of Double gas when buying gas per level
    Cost: 100 (+40 per level)

    70/70 Gives: 35% Chance of Double gas when buying gas.
    70/70 Cost:

    Bank Lotto
    Gives: 0,5% Chance of double interest per round per level
    Cost: 100 (+75 per level)

    70/70 Gives: 35% Chance of double interest per round.
    70/70 Cost:

    Horse XP
    Gives: 1 Xp for first place per level
    Cost: 200 (+100 per level)

    20/20 Gives: 20 XP for first place
    20/20 Cost:

    Attack Range II
    1/1 Gives: +1 Attack Range
    1/1 Cost: 2000

    Break Shield
    1/1 Gives: -15% Enemy Armor (Additive)
    1/1 Cost: 400

    Ltry Revision
    Gives: Likely for higher tier units when using Lottery Tickets
    Cost: 750 (+350 per level)

    15/15 Gives: using 8s mineral have a very high chance for Epic+ units
    15/15 Cost:

    Cooldown -
    Gives: Skill Cooldown's Reduced by 5% per level
    Cost: 400 (+200 per level)

    20/20 Gives: Cooldown's Reduced by 100%
    20/20 Cost:
    - Also gives mana regen

    Mineral Lotto
    Gives: 0,1% Chance for 1 mineral per kill per level
    Cost: 200 (+75 per level)

    120/120 Gives: 12% Chance for 1 mineral per kill
    120/120 Cost:
    - Reduced in Coop

    Gas Lotto
    Gives: 0,3% Chance for 1 gas per kill per level
    Cost: 200 (+75 per level)

    120/120 Gives: 36% Chance for 1 gas per kill
    120/120 Cost:
    - Reduced in Coop

    XP Limit
    XP Lotto

    Team Attack Damage
    Team Attack Speed
    Team Crit Chance
    Team Exchange +
    Special Max Energy
    SP Bank
    Kill Energy
    Kill XP
    The One I
    Final Damage
    Attack Damage IV
    Attack Speed IV
    Critical Chance III
    Double Upgrade Lotto
    Rank Revision II
    SXD Revision
    Unit Acceleration
    The One II
    Multi-Target Damage
    Multi-Target Chance
    Multi-Target Critical Chance
    Critical Damage II
    Multi-Critical II
    Rune Upgrade Revision
    XP Limit II
    Kill XP II

    Attack Damage INF.
    Attack Speed INF.
    CRI Damage INF.
    Acceleration INF.
    XP Lotto INF.
    R.Stone Lotto INF.
    R.S Revision INF.
    Reduce Shield INF.
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    Useful links:

    Hidden Units:
    Description: Here you can find all the hidden units in the game, you need to use the Green Circle to combine units.
    Credit: Dreamfield & LittleBunny

    Specialty Calculator:
    Description: Calculate ur Sp for most efficient damage
    Credit: <XKK> Texos

    Armor reduction:
    Description: some Armor reduction numbers
    Credit: FVZ

    Lottery Defence Units guide:
    Description: very helpfull for more information about mineral spent / dps and other numbers
    Credit: Schwabba

    Eu XP Ranking:
    Description: updated frequently xp rankings for EU Lottery Defence
    Credit: Eumel

    NA/EU Lottery Defence Rules
    Description: Here are some rules, just a few obvious ones, you can also report hackers on discord if you find any.

    On the discord there is a section under Clan info Channels > Tips/Resources/Tower
    Description: they carry alot of other stuff not added here.

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