Memorizing the Qur?an for children at a young age is very useful because its ability to absorb a greater amount is high
If we make a comparison between a child who started memorizing at the age of three and a child at the age of ten, we will find that the Qur?an is more stable in the mind of a child of three years of age.
Of course, and without a doubt, there is always a difference in the capabilities of each child from the other child, so there is also a difference in the methods of memorizing the Holy Qur?an.
There are ways of repetition in memorization
It is determining the number of verses to be memorized and working on repeating these verses
Help the child pronounce the verses correctly
Correctly adjust the exits of letters and their sounds
Always review what has been memorized so that it is not forgotten
We have the best teachers for memorizing the Holy Quran
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