Because I Got annoyed to the kids screaming "HOW DO I GET VESPENE!?!?!?!?!?!?"

As a Human: Basics

Builder: Only builds and doesn't build everything. He needs to live unless you want to lose/be turned into a vampire. He gets blink, manaburn, and panic. He cannot attack vampires so don't try

Manaburn: Nevermind, It's good early levels, it also ignores the protective bottle. Use it on vamps at your own risk. It's crap later levels though.

Panic: also crap, use blink

Blink Mechanism: Usually hotkeyed as G (at least G for me). Has a short cooldown and you can blink to places in the fog of war. This means when the vamp is coming to kill you blink out unless you think you have a chance.

Houses: Basic source of workers/probes. Can be turned into the orbital for mules then house of tassadar for tassadars. Probes start off mining at 10 and can be upgraded 3 times to mine at 15...20...25. Mules mine at 290, Tassadars at 1000

Supply Depots: THESE ARE NOT WALLS DON"T USE THEM AS SUCH!!!!! They are for supply only and even when lowered you cannot pass them. They cannot be upgraded! 4 SUPPLY DEPOTS WITH DROPS ON THEM WILL MAX YOU AT 250 SUPPLY, DO NOT BUILD ANYMORE!. However, when supplies receive drops, they will give the vampire 5 vespene instead of 1.

Herbal Wall: these are WALLS USE THEM!!!!!!! They can be upgraded and regenerate hp so use them!

Canons: They are canons however, THEY ARE NOT DETECTORS! Upgrade them or they don't do much damage. Machine guns for closer range, Light and Missile for farther.

Freezer: omg 15k must be good... no not really. You get one of these unless you're really annoyed the the vamp hanging out below your base then you get like 2 or 3. They have faster attack but less damage than upgraded canons. They do however give a slow so always have at least one!

Healing tower: They do not heal buildings only units, so why put them near your wall? So you can repair your wall as the vamps are attacking and not have to worry about it. BTW Regeneration aura is researched at the Research Facility

Slayer Lodge thing: Builds a slayer and revives a slayer... just don't let him die though or it takes forever to revive him

Slayer: Can learn stalker, gods will, void prison, and some attack buff. Stalker can be used as a detector. They can pick up items and gas that come from the buildings vamps kill. They don't do much damage unless upgraded. There are upgrades at the research facility and other buildings. Academy (ghost academy) provides them with items and tomes. They do have a blink and the blink is global. To level a slayer put him in the box that says "SLAYERS LEVEL HERE" and leave him there. however blink out when vamps come to kill him. He can buy stuff from vamp stores too.

Research Center: basic upgrades for workers walls towers healing tower etc. Upgrades for mining can be found here as well

Vesepene Gas: Okay to get vespene gas you have to either:
1. Get your slayer to blink in and find drops of vespene from the buildings that vampires kill. Make sure you have enough mana to blink out though as vamps will usually be there too (blink is 500 mana)
2. Pick up items that buildings drop when vamps destroy them and then go to a store and sell them. Stores can be the academy, or the vamp stores. Also beware of vamps nearby
3. Buy vespene at the small accessory store for 10k minerals. Beware of vamps.
4. If you have 3 vespene or more make an academy, then a orbital, then a mule. Get 20k minerals and build refineries. Refineries give 1 gas per minute. They can be upgraded to give more gas

Academy: buy stuff for slayer. Can be upgraded to secret building

Detector: As it says, a detector for invis stuff

Mules: Builds refineries, center for advanced tech, mana burner, and etc

Mechs: built from the center of advanced tech and requires a secret building. Builds advanced refineries and a ton of other stuff.






Basing: You usually want a single wall choke point. What does that mean? Well you want a choke point that fits one and only one wall in width. Length doesn't matter. Basically just get a small choke so you don't need to repair 3 different walls or even build them. Also, get high ground bases. It doesn't help if the vampire is on high ground and can see your base on low ground. Also build houses close as possible to the mineral lines. You have limited room! Use it wisely and keep things compact!

Repairing walls: Have mules or mechs do it, not worth getting your worker killed unless it's early game and you're sure you can't die.


Point about the island/portal bases


Okay you access these through portals. Orange is entrance, blue is exit.

However, as a builder just use blink and blink into one.


Why are they safe in the beginning? Because most vamps won't go through the hassle of walking to the portals for a potentially empty base. They are however main suspects for builders to hide and once vamps get blink they will scan, and they will come.

The middle island is probably one of the worst bases. It's cramped and requires 4 walls to completely wall off. Don't use it!

The bottom island has a little more space, and requires two walls. Not much turret space but there is a glitch that causes the vamp to fall off the island if the portal entrance is too cramped.


Remote Mining


Has your base gotten destroyed by a vamp in the early stages of the game? Well think no more.

Build a mining base that is well hidden but don't leave important structures. Go to another base and begin preparing defenses then migrate everything over and kill your mining base. This gives you income and time as you prepare to switch bases.

The mistake is building a second base immediately. This allows the vamp to just kill everything all over again instead of just killing a house and supply.



Basic Build


Basic build: House supply supply house supply supply house (while pumping out probes and mining) Drops on supplies. Fill the mineral line with houses so the probes can mine faster. Build a research center. Build your wall upgrade wall to the 1k upgrade that looks like a pile of rocks and then upgrade them whenever else you can. build a barracks and pump out a slayer who is then sent to either find items and vespene that gets dropped, or goes to level. Build canons around your choke and upgrade them to level 2. Build heal towers and research stuff at the center. once you get three vespene: Build academy, orbital, and mule. 4th vespene is a detector. Have a freezer too. Then upgrade canons to machine guns and build a refinery then change all probes to mules and build more refineries and upgrade canons to machine gun level 2. Upgrade heal towers. build refineries and get a house of tassadar. Build mana burners if needed and a center for new tech (the armory). It's built from a mule. Change mules to tassadars while keep building refineries. Then build a secret building. build a mech at this time too. Always remember to try and upgrade your wall! After mech is built either get silver wall or get a siege tank (i prefer siege tank). Or you can head directly for the nexus thing (forgot what it was called lol).

Remember this is only a basic build, but it should help you live.

For Slayers: End Game tactics


At the end game when vamps are so powerful that you're wall is dying too fast or the vamp just blinks into your base... start pumping up your slayer.

Slayer items: Mystical Helmet (to see invis things), HP Matrix (can be changed for another item), Steroids, Invis Cape. Then pump for damage tomes. Use void prison and have fun.


For Slayers: What to do if a vamp is camping the leveling spot


If there's a group of you there, you can probably do enough damage to make the vamp leave, if not BLINK OUT IMMEDIATELY AND DON'T BOTHER ATTACKING. Most people end up making the mistake of leaving their slayer there to kill the vamp. This is not the solution whatsoever.

If a vamp is camping the slayers ground (lets just call it that), that means they are not raiding bases, killing, and gaining exp. This a good thing at times! Use this time to keep upgrading.

If your slayers can do enough damage, blink in behind the vampire to stop him/her from escaping and just kill the vamp.

For Slayers: Healing


You can heal at the vamp pool just beware of vampires. Better yet build a healing tower at your base and research aura of regeneration and just heal at your base.




you get Scan, cloak, Crit, spinecrawler (as a mini), the slime nuke thing, heal beam, and w.e else.

Scan is your first skill always. Why? Because you scan for an early base to kill for some feed. Usually the first guy you hit will try to migrate to somewhere near the original base and you can just keep feeding from him or her before they get defense up.

There are shop around your area. Get to know them first. (ill eventually add them to guide ... probably...)

Attack early! You can kill the first two walls easily and you don't take much damage from the first two levels of canons.

Prioritize the workers if they aren't detonated. Workers will either run or get detonated so chew them up first.

Watch for slayers. If slayers are near attack them not the buildings so they can't get stuff to sell or get gas! this is important as it starves humans of gas early game.

Harass the slayers. There is a place where they level and some players don't pay attention to their slayers and leave them their. Go there and harass them so they can't level and you may even get some kills.

Attacking a defended base: after humans get defense and you're having trouble killing their bases, GO IN PAIRS AND BE SURE TO HAVE HEALING WAVE BY THEN!!!! SHOULD BE IN YOUR FIRST 5 LEVELS THAT YOU GET IT AND ALSO GET CLOAK. Have one vamp attack the base then when they are about 80% hp use cloak and keep attacking while the other vamp heals them. Also be sure to buy one of the invincibility bottle things for 40 vespene. Or buy more than one as they don't share a cool down meaning you can use one, then another, then another, then another, and so on.

If there is a builder repairing the wall, you can use slime to nuke them and kill them.

You can also use things with blink like Dark templars to go in and kill bases

Basic build:

Invincibility bottles and tele scrolls so you can warp out fast.

(buy two - four bottles if need be)

Vespene Canister- gives vespene, need i say more?

Invisibility cape- now this item is important so they can't see you coming and unless they have a detector they won't see you hitting their base either so their towers can't attack you. Once you get this, scan for bases without detectors and waltz right in and have fun, just care for slayers and their stalkers as stalkers are detectors. Slayers with the mystical helm can also see you. It's also a component of drac suit.

Optional: There's an item that destroys buildings. You can buy it and kill the detectors when you scan.

Demonic belt (or helm if you can't afford and need early damage)

Then ancient claws

Then Drac suit

Then a vampiric sphere- it gives you a blink so just scan blink and avoid the wall and the towers.

Remember to use tomes and upgrade your stats too

at this point you should have won...

If builders are abusing blink


Place spore crawlers around the map so they get hit wherever they blink to.

Scan often around the map in case the builder afked somewhere.

DO NOT CHASE THEM AROUND UNLESS THEY ARE STATIONARY!!! Big mistake vamps make is to chase a builder around. This is what the builder wants you to do. Just wait it out until the builder gets bored and then kill him.

Have an invis cloak by this time so the builder can't see you coming. It does wonders.

If they are in a "glitched position", a place you can't hit them with melee attacks, either use spore crawlers or use your slime.


If Builders are just waiting in the safe place.


You can either slime them if you have the range for it, or believe it or not, use the vamp sphere and just blink in. The other option is using spore crawlers.

YES VAMPS CAN BLINK INTO THE SAFE SPOT, JUST BEWARE OF BUGS. (you can get stuck under one of the rocks).


For Vamps: How to deal with that pesky Endgame slayer


If they have invis cloak you're basically dead and screwed....i think there is a unit that can detect though, but im not that sure.

If they don't have invis cloak and have bonus damage from tomes, TARGET THEM FIRST AND ALWAYS. However, if the towers still deal more damage kill the towers then the slayer. Don't target the stupid research center or a refinery.