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    Starting a thread of guys to watch out for while playing PvZ. I've run across people feeding Zealots information and straight-up map hackers.

    Nothing to be done about these people (supposedly). Just trying to raise awareness of what to expect when in-game with guys like this.

    Since I forgot to write it here before, you have to back up claims of maphacking, Zealots being helped, and generally unpleasant people with replays. Otherwise I don't do anything.

    For reference, here's a list of warning flags that are a good indication (the closest thing you can get to 100% confirmation on maphacking) that something suspicious is going on, and you should be wary.

    1. The Zealot hovering their camera over a Probe or a Probe's base without scans or Hunters. Meaning at the start of the game, when the Zealot is looking at all the occupied bases, and none of the empty ones, pretty good indication.

    2. The Zealot drops scans directly on Probes or Probe Spirits. Sometimes the Zealot gets lucky, but if you're wandering between bases (or you're hiding after the Zealot's busted everyone's base and is now picking off runners), and suddenly the Zealot drops a scan directly on you while you're in a spot that no one in their right mind would think to look, something's probably up.

    3. The Zealot avoids bases that are empty or have nothing of value inside it, but somehow manages to only go into bases that are occupied. Not the most convincing, but still something that's worth investigating. Naturally some of the bases (especially the smaller ones) are less desireable, hence are less likely to be occupied. But if you see the Zealot pass up several prime real estates and go straight to the only "lived in" lot on the block, definitely suspicious.

    4. The Zealot manages to find everyone and everything, no matter how large the map and how small the Probe pool is. Proxy miners/automines/generators hidden in dark corners, Probes that have moved bases repeatedly due to scans/previous feeding, etc. If everything you send and hide outside your base is killed off, regardless of how far and wide everything is spread, you should check the replay, and see if the Zealot checks any other bases at all or if he just goes straight for your hidden Perfect miner at the opposite end of the map.

    Notice that all this behavior is based on stuff the Zealot should not have knowledge of. If he has a Hunter, chances are they're revealing, and you can disregard the second two points. Since it is easy to let emotions get the best of you, especially if you're just coming out of a game where you got steamrolled, I'll reiterate that replays are necessary to confirm. And I strongly encourage that anyone thinking about submitting a report should examine the replay thoroughly; watch the whole match from the Zealot's point of view, to make sure there wasn't some detail that you'd missed; like that scan that you hadn't noticed when you were playing the match or the point when the Hunter pinged all the Probes' bases immediately after he died.

    Associated replays:

    Map hackers:
    IIIIIIIII (Barcodes)

    Zealot spies:

    Generally Unpleasant People:
    IIIIIIIII (Barcodes)
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