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Thread: New Player/Population Problems

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    Xalus maybe you should look at The Last Stand mode in a lesser known game called Dawn of War II for PC. It helped bridge the gap in between higher and lower lvl players. Basically it was centered around items, just like how you seem to want CHD2 to be.

    Each character got several slots for items. A weapon slot, armor slot, trinkets, etc

    Each item gave the player a certain set of stats, and some granted an ability. There were many items, and while there was overlap, it was the combinations that tied it all together. For example:

    A lvl 1 sorcerer can immediately use the following:

    Headpiece- 300hp
    Chest- 200hp, 300mana, 20 armor
    Trinket 1- 30% More Damage to Doombolts and teleporting leaves hellfire upon arrival, burning enemies for 20 damage a second for 5 seconds.
    Trinket 2- Grants the Doombolt ability.
    Weapon- Grants a mana regeneration aura, and increases auto attack range by 2.

    Doombolts is an ability to fire a cluster of wildly inaccurate bolts of exploding magic. This lvl 1 would still be very useful for killing big groups of people. The aura that would give his allies increased mana generation makes him a valuable asset too. He looks at trinket 1, and he sees the teleporting part and is like wow, I cant fuckin wait to teleport fire onto some monster's face. The increased health from the headpiece will give him more flexibility when he makes mistakes. It caters to the new player.

    Now, a lvl 20 sorcerer has unlocked a lot more:

    Head- Increases all spell damage done by 20%
    Chest- 200hp, 300mana, gives you +20% spellsteal
    Trinket 1- More Damage to Doombolts and leaves Hellfire when teleporting
    Trinket 2- Grants the Doombolt ability
    Weapon- Grants teleport

    He now has a weapon that grants him a teleporting ability that leaves a pool of fire. Note he is still using his lvl 1 books for the magic bolts. Except this time, he can teleport on top of the bigger baddies, and use his Doombolts close range where all the bolts hit in one place, which leads to instant-gibbing awesomely overpowered damage. The trade-off is, his mana consumption is now ginormous, and he is alot more squishy.

    Now, is the second sorcerer more useful? Maybe. The playstyle is definitely more rewarding though, which is the carrot that will motivate people to lvl up. Items are a better temptation than more points to put into more talents, I think. The lvl 1 is still valuable to the players as well.

    Now, this may become complicated when it comes to balancing later waves. In Dawn of War II, without teleport, you were in increasing danger as the waves went on, even with the 300hp headpiece. There were powerful ranged enemies that would be hard to approach without getting wrecked. So you needed teleport, badly. You died because you made a mistake, but hey, you still got to wave 16 and got some good exp. Now next time, maybe you can get to wave 20 and win, probably with teleport.

    OR, maybe sorcerer 3 doesn't want to fuck with doombolts. He does this instead:

    lvl 20 sorcerer

    Head- 300hp
    Chest- 200 mana, when you or any summoned unit receives damage that would be fatal, HP and Mana are instead restored to 100%. 90 second cooldown.
    Trinket- Grants the doppleganger ability.
    Trinket- Increases the stats of your dopplegangers by 5 levels. Allows you to dopple champions.
    Weapon- Grants Teleport

    Now sorc 3 can copy the baddest of the bad guys's champions, make them his bitch, buff them with more levels and also semi-immortality. Sick. He is forced to use the chestpiece in order to get the best use of his dopplegangers, but the chest has no armor or health. Again, another trade-off.

    There were like 5 or 6 different heroes, and each one had a unique playstyle. You had a spacemarine who would summon a dreadnaught that was amazing for tanking and crown disruption/damage, or a caster that specialized in aoe and buffs. Just like our hero system now. :)

    This is a long example and the exact details may be off, but the gist remains. I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Stand, and even though Dawn of War II is long dead, Last Stand lasted awhile past the expiration date of the game because people enjoyed it that much.
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    City of Heroes had a brilliant work-around for this; the Sidekick system.

    A high-level player can mentor a low-level player. The low-level player was raised to be one level lower than the high-level player, and had the stats of that level, but not extra abilities. Here, it makes sense to do the opposite.

    In our case, it could be something like ten levels lower. That is, in Adept, max level 30, a bunch of over-30s with a couple of newbies would essentially be lvl 30's with a couple of lvl 20 newbies.

    The newbies get the extra 20 talent points, but their rank doesn't actually change, so they have the points, but not access to the higher-level talents that are unlocked through privilege of rank.

    Whether you need a one-for-one ratio of mentors to newbies, or just set the bar based on the lowest rank below the max for the level (for instance, a 24, 23, 35, 96, and two 0's playing Adept means that the newbs get raised to 13, since 23 is the lowest rank below 30 but above the "recommended" rank for Adept.

    City of Heroes also gave a slight XP bonus to mentors to encourage them to help the newbies.
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