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Thread: An Economist's Guide to Galaxy Vampirism: Part 2

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    An Economist's Guide to Galaxy Vampirism: Part 2

    J. Measuring the Feed Board

    1. Too many people turn a blind eye to the amount of feed being garnered by the vampire. They will still be using their refinery as a wall during the 10s, even if the vampire has exceeded 500 or 600 feed. They continue to do this, even if there are 4 vampires on the map. Don't fall victim to the creativity of the vampires in question. Instead, be ready for them: better safe than sorry. Don't be jealous of the people that are economically ahead of you, their risks will soon get them into deep trouble. So, I will give you rules of what to do when a certain feed amount has been exceeded.

    a. 100 feed at the 10-minute mark: You shouldn't even take the vampires seriously. Just use a refinery as a wall, place it in front of your real wall (which can stay herbal), and keep econing (building your economy and teching up). Get the first wall armor upgrade in this case, just to be safe.

    b. 200 feed at the 10-minute mark: Still shouldn't take them seriously. Refinery in front of your real wall, but upgrade that real wall to either wood or stone.

    c. 300 feed at the 10-minute mark: Take them A BIT seriously. Refinery in front of your wall, which should still be herbal. Also, acquire the first two wall upgrades, maybe the third if you feel it is needed.

    d. 400 feed at the 10-minute mark: Not too serious, but you should have a refinery in front of that herbal wall. Acquire the 3rd armor upgrade and separate your mules. Also, place a defensive tower ON THE GROUND, where the unit blinks FROM, effectively blocking any attempt to place a DT in your base. A good thing to remember is that if your wall is more powerful than the refinery in front of your wall, there isn't a point in keeping that refinery around if you already have tassadars. To expand, there is no point in having a stone wall either; with the wall design derived from this guide, and the fact that the vampire has a range of 1 instead of melee, he or she can attack the stone wall behind the refinery, attaining unneeded feed. If you're going to build a wall, have it either be herbal or aluminum and above.

    e. 500 feed at the 10-minute mark: This is getting serious. Your teammates are feeding and, therefore, you need to be ready. Do everything you would do in the case of the 400-feed scenario, except, if there are 4 or more vampires on the map, upgrade your wall to aluminum.

    f. 600 feed at the 10-minute mark: If you are the furthest ahead, prepare to buy the Steroids item from the academic shop, and get every slayer upgrade possible at the time. Get as many items to KILL the vampires. DO NOT save for tassadars, you won't have time to get them until your slayer is completely amped up, past 1,000 damage. If you are not the furthest ahead, DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. Instead, try to implore the person farthest ahead to do the job for you, as well as your teammates. This "roid-rush" strategy works much better if 2 people do it.

    g. 700 feed at the 10-minute mark: Balls to the wall, bro. You have to be mindful of everything. You have to the zone. Copper wall by 12:30. Acquire any and all upgrades you absolutely need, and hope for the best.

    h. 800 feed at the 10-minute mark: As much as I hate to say it...why are you still in the game? If 800 feed has been given by this time, chances are that the amount will triple, if not, double by the 15-minute mark, which means that you'd have to rush silver and try to get gold by 30.

    i. 900 feed at the 10-minute mark: If the vampire is good, all bases should've been destroyed by then. If the vampire doesn't know what to do with the feed, rest assured, he or she will find SOME WAY to utilize it...revert to what you would do at 800 feed, no matter who the vampire is.

    j. 1,000 feed at the 10-minute mark: Leave the game. There is NO HOPE. No new vampire can get that much feed in 10 minutes; chances are the vampire is good and KNOWS HOW TO USE THAT FEED. If you TRULY want to win, though, there may be a way. Try to convince your teammates to invest in you, supplying you with the funds needed to either tech up and kill the vampire, or use steroids to kill the beast (although I don't believe that steroids will work at this point). If you are not the best player in the game at the current moment, bequeath your income upon the best player, and convince him or her to either end it quickly or tech up as quickly as he or she can. Always try if there is a chance; there is no shame in losing. Hell, always try period.

    K. Saving for the Secret Building

    1. Before we get started, no, getting the secret building is not a secret. You get it from the academic shop, it costs 125,000 minerals and 20 gas, gives you 250 supply (so you can destroy your supply depots right after), and it is in the form of a Terran Factory. You should start saving for the secret building once you have only 3 mules left; this means that you DO NOT build any more refineries once you have 3 mules left. The transition into full tassadars and a secret building should be extremely smooth, without any ramifications. Simply do what you would do when creating tassadars, and work on the secret building once you have all tassadars.

    2. Wall-upgrading procedure: this does not mean that you upgrade your wall, but your wall's health and armor. Do not be fooled into thinking you're safe just because you have a copper wall; if this isn't upgraded from the 2nd armor upgrade and past, it's essentially a grade B aluminum wall with a red coating. Timings for upgrading your wall's armor and health are as follows, given that the vampire has exceeded 400 feed: first armor upgrade after first refinery, second armor upgrade after second refinery, third armor upgrade after third refinery; fast forward to the 15-minute mark: upgrade your wall to aluminum, and also buy the first wall health upgrade, do this one after the other, until you have only the final health and armor upgrades left; get copper at the 18-minute mark. If feed has exceeded 600, get bronze, immediately. If you get the secret building before the start of mid-game, subsequently order the final health and armor upgrades after that; if it's the beginning of mid-game, fully upgrade your health and armor for the wall, regardless of whether you have the secret building or not. If you so desire, you can upgrade your wall's health and armor after each refinery built; this method seems to work much more effectively than the former.

    II. Mid-Game (20:00 - 30:00)

    L. Mid-Game Harassment

    1. Contrary to popular belief, the mid-game is not just a spamfest where you defend bases that are being attacked by a belted vampire. Yes, most vampires will acquire the demonic belt, but they will find it ineffective without mid-game harassment, methods including bioplasm, fearing units, finishing off last minute mules, and much more. The mid-game, although small, is what decides the game, in general. The early game can be a good decider, but, given that the feed used incorrectly, can be fatal to the vampire. So, this section will give a detailed summary of how to counter mid-game harassment.

    a. Bioplasm: this is basically an upgraded version of the shell dragon. Differences: it can hit multiple targets, and does about 2 to 3 times more damage. If Bioplasm is used correctly, oh god, it can be as devastating as the bubonic plague. And no, it's not devastating because it's a strong item; it's devastating because PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLACE THEIR STRUCTURES. Again, place your important structures near the center of your base and, once bioplasm has been used, which is when you'll know the vampires have it, you should immediately try to either upgrade your refineries to advanced, which, 1% of the time, will fall to bioplasm; get level 2 defensive towers; or, place herbal walls behind your original wall, upgrading those herbal walls to aluminum or copper, perhaps even bronze if more than one vampire decides to stock up on bioplasm, among other pesky items. Any 1 of these 3 should work. For the other 2 forms of harassment, I refer you to the separation of mules, as well as the blinking of units away from the mineral line upon being scanned.

    b. Helping others: while it seems taboo, helping others is actually a very good way of denying feed, despite the fact that your chance of death will increase by about 50%, because the AI for builders is just that bad. You can do this easily if you're next to base that is under attack; it is when the base under attack is all the way across the map that it becomes tricky. To help someone that far away, there is a special item called the Staff of Teleportation, which teleports you to ANY human building on the map, for just the measly price of 1 mana point, while if you were to spam blink, you would run out of all of your energy in a few seconds, only making it half way across the map. If you do this, you'll find that by the time you actually get to the base under attack, the base will either not be under siege anymore, or just be plain broken into, thanks to you. Another way of helping others is acquiring the global teleportation upgrade within the Research Institute, a structure usually built in the middle of the mid-game, or close to the late-game. This is a good investment if it's NEEDED. This does not just go for the mid-game, either; help people as much as possible. This not only helps them: it may also help you if you need their pooling in the future. Games are a good way to make friends; bottom line: DON'T BE AN ASSHAT.

    M. Mid-game Economies

    1. I needn't say it, mid-game economies should consist of full tassadars and advanced refineries (in the form of a green Terran Refinery). If you are still on mules during the mid-game, and it's past the 23-minute mark, please destroy your base, and pool someone with the miners you have, unless the vampires are below 700 feed. You will only feed if they are above that.

    a. Tassadars should be maxed, at the latest, by the 23-minute mark. Advanced refineries should be coming out in quick succession, one after the other, whenever you have 30,000 minerals, which may take about 30 seconds to amass, or less. The Research Institute should be manufactured between the 23 and 25-minute marks, if you've followed this guide down to the word.

    b. During this period, if the vampire has exceeded 500 feed, you should subsequently upgrade your wall to bronze (note that you should upgrade your wall to copper if feed has exceeded 400, and upgrade to bronze if the feed board exceeds about 500, regardless of what the time is, as long as it's past the 15-minute mark). This will ensure that you're not rushing bronze while having to deal with a belted vampire and having to whip out medics.

    c. How to tell if you should rush silver or not: if even ONE aluminum to bronze base is broken into, or if feed exceeds 600, rush silver. Get silver by 30, I promise, you will not regret it. People who don't will see that the overlord upgrades are catastrophic to not only themselves, but the people who actually DID prepare. They will insta-kill you if you have the nerve to stay bronze by 30.

    d. Procedure in reacting to belt: if the vampire gets belt, do this: get immunity and the space suit from the Centre for New Technologies, get medics and a Mystical Helmet for the slayer, build 2 or 3 obelisks, depending on the composition of your base, destroy the refinery in front of your wall and the defensive tower that is blocking off your blink spot (replace the blink spot with an ultra feed box, the spot at which the unit blinks TO, NOT from, do this 2 times, 2 ultra feed boxes 1 space from each other, and place advanced refineries around the feed boxes), upgrade your wall to bronze if you haven't already done so, and, later, once you've gotten a research institute or right after you've gotten silver, or whenever you need it, proceed to build ONE tower: the tank. That is all you need. Leave a spot close to your wall and place your slayer there: he or she will be able to detect invisible units now that he or she has the mystical helmet. You may also need a Xel'Naga tower, depending on how much vision you have outside the entrance of your base.

    i. Contrary to popular belief, towers are NOT FOR KILLING THE VAMPIRE. NEVER USE IT AS SUCH. Towers are used to kill whatever the vampire uses against you, such as lyotes, spores, zealots, and the like. Wall first, turret second. The only time I would ever envision using towers for a homicidal purpose constitutes that you are the only human left of your squad, it is the beginning of the game, and there are a bunch of vampires that you need to defend against. You may also need to do this if you control the only base left standing during the early game.

    ii. Medic procedure: never EVER place all of your medics in your wall repair pit. Spawn them a little ways away from your wall, and blink 2 of them into the repairing pit. This will allow you to place new medics in the pit if the vampire chooses to fear those medics. Also, make sure that you announce that you're going to use medics; lack of communication can lead to more than one person dropping down medics, which can hinder the repair of other people's walls, leading to deaths upon deaths.

    N. Saving for the Research Institute

    1. NOTE: you will be getting silver before the RI if you want to stay safe if the vampire has been fed like fuck. The Research Institute is a sign of the end-game, a catalyst for the economy more powerful than any other structure since your first gas in the game. The RI allows you to acquire the gold wall, the hard counter to the vampire attaining the Suit of Dracula, and also allows you to manufacture hybrids, miners that will give you 4,000 minerals A POP. 45 gas to buy one of these isn't too shabby either; by the time you get RI, 45 gas will seem like chickenshit money to you. So, if you're not in a state of urgency with the amount of feed that the vampire has acquired (in which case you should try to rush gold), then begin and continue to manufacture hybrids until you're maxed out, upgrading your advanced refineries to elite refineries (should be in the form of a red Terran Refinery). And, with that, you should start saving for the game-ender, the laboratory.

    O. Measuring the Feed Board in the Mid-game

    1. Yes, there are different types of feed for each section of the game. 500 feed at 5 minutes differs completely from 500 feed at 20 minutes: one is VERY bad, one is just sad for the vampire. I'm going to trust you to guess which one is bad.

    a. 100 feed at 20 minutes: Vampire should be dead. 'Nuff said.

    b. 200 feed at 20 minutes: Same as 100 feed at 20 minutes.

    c. 300 feed at 20 minutes: Fuck's sake. Seriously, if this is happening, I don't know who's shittier, the vampires, or the humans.

    d. 400 feed at 20 minutes: Not even close to belt. Vampire should try to harass, but you've pretty much got everything under control, just make sure you have copper.

    e. 500 feed at 20 minutes: You thought that this was going to be serious, didn't you? No, vampire is still shitty. Should 'roid rush to stop the cancerous vampires. Copper, you know the drill.

    f. 600 feed at 20 minutes: Meh, enough for belt, but not much else. Means that you should have bronze and it's full upgraded in both guises. MAYBE some health upgrades for the builder, just build a small turret that can take small stuff out.

    g. 700 feed at 20 minutes: Well, that escalated quickly. If it's this, will probably get to 1,000 in a few. Might want to rush silver.

    h. 800 feed at 20 minutes: Definitely rush silver, no question. Feed may double in 10 minutes, be ready.

    i. 900 feed at 20 minutes: Ok, your team may be in serious trouble. Bases may fall, silver, possibly gold by 30.

    j. 1,000 feed at 20 minutes: Vampires know what they're doing, to an extent. Be ready with gold by 30, AT LEAST TRY FOR IT.

    k. 1,000+ feed at 20 minutes: Too late to 'roid rush at this point. Feed will double, if not, triple by 30. Be ready, ask for someone to pool you.

    l. 2,000 feed at 20 minutes: Leave the game. If you still think you have a chance, you better rush all the walls you can and hope for the best.

    III. Late Game

    P. The Late Game Economy

    1. The late game economy should consist of you acquiring 6 hybrids, amounting to 240 supply, and attaining the laboratory, which costs 1,300 gas, NO MINERALS. During this time, all you should be doing is keeping a firm watch over the vampire's acts; if the vampire has made it this far, chances are that he or she is pretty strong, but not strong enough to kill you...or you just kept him or her around, toying with that person. Evil bastard. Anyway, this means that the vampire still thinks that he or she still has a chance: they have a chance because the chances of getting gas in order to further their quest to kill you become ever more ubiquitous. This means that you have to kill the vampire AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Only wait for end-game items like the Einstein or Frostmourne when you want an achievement or you just feel like fucking around. If the case of the vampire is serious, kill him whenever you can. You can wait for anabolics, nothing more, nothing less. Besides, you'd get enough damage to kill the vampire much more quickly by using the items in the center at your disposal, rather than waiting to garner enough gas for one of those super items in the lab. If you have time, you should get the "final" harvester (not final because of the Einstein, but people rarely get the Einstein), the dark harvester, which gives you 20,000 minerals a trip EACH. However, there ARE times at which game circumstances necessitate an Einstein and thus, an osmium wall. When spawning the Einstein, make sure to keep in perspective his HP: he may cost 10,000 gas, but he only has 600 HP. This is less than the builder itself, and the Einstein goes for a lot of feed if killed (the two main vampires can kill him if they put their slimes together, this has been done before). This means that he can also be spored. To counteract this, place obelisks and a Xel'Naga tower around him; keep watch over him, and make sure to replenish resources with HIS replenishment ability. He mines mineral fields at an exponential rate. If needed, and it probably will be needed, expand to other bases and place golden refineries in those bases, doubling your gas income. All that matters at this point is not only protecting yourself; it is also killing the vampire.

    a. Gas Reliance: the late-game is MADE of gas, minerals are almost completely irrelevant by this time. The only reason minerals would be put into play is if you need to upgrade and build more gold refineries (in the form of golden Terran Refineries), or acquire the platinum wall, which is optional, depending on how much feed the vamp has, as every other wall depends on the feed amount.

    b. Killing the Vampire: get all the slayer upgrades and anabolics, then proceed to use tomes in the hydralisk den in the center. Also, try to get tomes from the building that gives you Ancient Claws. Armor tomes help TREMENDOUSLY. Try to get a few suits, then kill the vampire. Most vampires will only need that, that IS unless they were fed a fuckton by your idiot teammates... If required, save up for the items placed in your laboratory. Another tip: the Research Institute and Laboratory make great walls for vampires that don't have anything above the Demonic long as they are repaired; they're easy to repair due to the fact that they are larger than ordinary walls.

    c. The Importance of NOT Feeding the Vampire: I see this so much when new people are in the game. They think they should help the vampire just because that vampire is low on feed, and not getting it his or herself. Never EVER do this. This just makes the game longer and, because of the large amount of noobery, it creates the domino effect: one base falls after the other, generating more feed. Sometimes. one ultra feed box can be what pushes it over the edge. So, never feed intentionally, and never feed in general, if you can avoid it. You should especially veer away from feeding the vampire in the late-game; the late-game is SO unstable that just a little feed can change the path that the game goes in.

    IV. Tips and Tricks (NOTE: This is for both the vampires and the humans.)

    Q. 'Roid Rushing

    1. This strategy must be planned for, and must be executed correctly by the 20-minute mark. This strategy is used usually when the vampire has too little feed, or has too much, and is ordinarily executed by professionals. However, new people can do it as well, provided they have some fiscal responsibility. To execute this, you shouldn't get tassadars until your slayer has over 1,000 damage. Get both mineral upgrades for the mules, and wait until you have 30 gas and 30,000 minerals; then, proceed to buy the Steroids item from your academic shop. Then, upgrade your slayer (there should be 3 slayer upgrades at your disposal, 2 in the research center, 1 in the Centre for New Technologies). It would also be a good idea to get Universal Shield and the Mystical Helmet from your academic shop. Then, have fun killing vampires! You have until the 20-minute mark to kill them all; if you fail, you may be subjected to the destruction of your own base because the vampire got belt. Try to enlist people to aid you in your cause to lessen the chance of failure.

    R. Searching for the Vampire

    1. A new ability was added not too long ago: global scan for the humans. This is located on the command card for the osmium wall; you may need this, but it is not necessitated if you know how to look for the vampire. Other methods include killing a miner (this only works if you haven't attained the Einstein yet), and using the newly gained supply to buy changelings, among other creatures that can be placed in multiple bases, furthering your search for the vampire. Changelings are king because of the fact that they are detectors above all else.

    S. Tracking and Tabbing

    1. If you want your opponent to capitulate, know your opponent. Keep tabs. I will first describe how to do this as a human. As a human, don't focus predominantly on econing; focus on the vampire him or herself too. When something "weird" comes up, study it. When a base is attacked, study the vampire. Know what the vampire is going to do before he or she does it. When you play GV enough, you tend to develop this keen sense of prediction by feed: learn how to read and interpret the feed board beyond the level of them just being seemingly arbitrary numbers. Know the game. Now for vampire: if items drop from buildings and units, don't just pick it up and sell it; use it if you can! If you get alien sight, USE IT. Only the most skilled human players will realize that they have the alien sight buff turned on them. Also, when attacking a slayer, don't just ignore its existence once it blinks away from you. Look at the minimap; you see a speck, right? The color of the speck is the color of the player's slayer that just attacked you, and what's even more... The slayer isn't even in your vicinity! It's in the fog of war, miles away from your vampire avatar, yet you can still see him or her and track his or her location! Some new players may blink their damaged slayer right back to their respective bases, giving you insight on where which bases are! I like to term this glitch "ghost vision," glitchy vision that should've never been given to you, yet it has been. USE THAT.

    T. Transitioning From one Game to the Next

    1. There is a certain strategy that is tethered to playing multiple games with multiple, albeit the same, types of people, and the same people themselves. Because of this, you should study not only the mannerisms of your opponent(s) in a game, but the movements of your allies as well, as they may eventually become your opponents later on. Obviously, they will not obstruct anything (at least, hopefully) anything in a game where you are allies; knowing the people you're playing with can give you a phenomenal advantage when playing against them in another game. In light of this, you will also have to choose different bases to become situated in when you begin a new game. This technique can be jarring, so it's going to take some practice. Get to know almost every base on the map, even the small ones. They'll eventually come in handy when you realize that you can no longer base in the same area that you did previously.
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